As part of its history, The Sun has been involved in many controversies, including its false claims about the 1989 Hillsborough football stadium disaster.

Who Is The Target Audience For The Sun Newspaper?

Middle-class people are targeted by The Sun, who have not yet completed higher education. Its biggest audience share comes from C2DE readers, who make up two thirds of its readers over 35 years old. The website states that. According to, the average age of reading in the UK is 9 years old.

What Party Does The Sun Support?


Main endorsement


The Sun


Supported voting for the Liberal Democrats in 14 Labour/LibDem marginals.

The Times


Endorsed a second term of Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition.

Why Are People Against The Sun Newspaper?

Since its foundation in 1964, the publication has been accused of regularly lying about facts and having misleading headlines, as well as of being a source of fake news.

Is The New York Sun A Conservative Newspaper?

Tom Messner, a columnist for Adweek, wrote in May 2007 that The New York Sun is “the best paper in New York”, noting that it is a conservative paper, but gets respect from the left.

Who Is The Audience For The Sun Newspaper?

From April 2019 to March 2020, The Sun had an average monthly reach of 38 million adults in Great Britain. On average, The Sun and The Sun on Sunday reach over 20 million women a month through print and digital media, a higher number than men.

What Age Are The Sun Readers?

While it covers a number of complex issues, it is worth noting that it is a young book, with an average reading age of 12-14 years old. Sun on Sunday has seamlessly inherited the male audience of its predecessor, which was based in London and was the phoenix that arose from the ashes of News of the World.

Who Buys The Sun Newspaper?

Since 2010, the Metro has taken over as the UK’s top-circulation newspaper, overtaking the Sun from 2000-2009.

How Do Newspapers Target Specific Audiences?

A newspaper is designed to appeal to its target audience through its layout and presentation. Newspapers take into account the preferences and demographics of their audience in order to ensure that their products are appealing to them.

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