The newspaper was purchased by Utah businessman Paul Huntsman in 2016, who became owner and publisher after two years of intense negotiations.

Which Huntsman Owns The Salt Lake Tribune?

Paul Huntsman, owner of the Salt Lake Tribune, explains why he wants to turn the newspaper into a nonprofit organization. Paul Huntsman writes for the Wall Street Journal.

Did Deseret News Buy The Salt Lake Tribune?

Utah’s oldest continuously operating newspaper, The Deseret News, was founded in 1850. Deseret Management Corp. owns and operates this media entity. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints owns it. In 2016, Huntsman purchased the Salt Lake Tribune from Alden Capital.

Is Salt Lake Tribune Nonprofit?

As of 2019, the Salt Lake Tribune in Salt Lake City has become a nonprofit news organization. Our mission is clear: to inform and advance public dialogue through reporting that engages, educates, and empowers Utah readers.

Who Established The Salt Lake Tribune?

Salt Lake Tribune was founded in 1870 by three businessmen who were estranged from the LDS Church. During its first year, it was called the Mormon Tribune. Salt Lake Daily Tribune was renamed in 1871. The Tribune is bought by three Kansas businessmen who turn it into an anti-Mormon newspaper in 1873.

Why Was The Salt Lake Tribune Created?

It was founded in response to opposition to the Mormon Church’s political and economic policies. S. “Bill” S. “Mac” S. “Godbe, Elias L.”. “Harrison, Edward W.”. William H. Tullidge, and William H. Tullidge.

Where Is The Salt Lake Tribune Printed?

We want to extend our sincere thanks to all the people who worked at the printing presses in West Valley City and to the carriers who delivered The Tribune for so many years. Our organization relies heavily on them, and we are grateful for their efforts.

Does The Lds Church Own The Salt Lake Tribune?

The July 27, 2005, front page of The Salt Lake Tribune


Daily newspaper (1870–2020) Weekly newspaper (after 2020)


1870 (as the Mormon Tribune)

Where Can I Buy The Deseret News?

What is the best way to access s coverage? Online at Deseret News is the best way to get the Deseret News. com. Our free app is also available for download.

Who Owns The Deseret News In Utah?


Deseret News Publishing Company (Deseret Management Corporation)


Robin Ritch


Doug Wilks


June 15, 1850 (171 years ago)


55 N 300 W Salt Lake City, Utah 84101 United States

Is Ann Cannon Still Writing For The Salt Lake Tribune?

The Salt Lake Tribune is where I write now, rather than the Deseret News. My job as a bookseller at muy famosa King’s English Bookshop in Salt Lake City occasionally allows me to teach creative writing.

Who Is The Editor Of The Salt Lake Tribune?

The author is Jennifer Napier-Pearce. The Salt Lake Tribune hired Jennifer in January 2013 as a business writer, and she later hosted a daily online video program, Trib Talk, and hosted the weekly radio news show Behind the Headlines. She was named editor in August 2016.

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