A daily newspaper published in London under the name The Daily Mirror, it is often the most popular newspaper in the country. Founded in 1903 by Alfred Harmsworth, Viscount Northcliffe, the Mirror was originally a women’s newspaper.

Who Is The Mirror Owned By?

Front page on 9 March 2017


Daily newspaper


Reach plc


Alison Phillips


2 November 1903

Who Owns Irish Daily Mirror?

Since 1998, the Irish Daily Mirror has provided Irish readers with homegrown Irish news and information in print. Trinity Mirror owns it.

Who Owned The Mirror Group In 1967?

A total of 5,282,137 copies of the Daily Mirror were sold in 1967, setting a world record. King was chairman of the International Publishing Corporation (IPC), then the world’s largest publishing company, which included the Daily Mirror and more than 200 other papers and magazines (1963-1968).

What Is Mirror Group?

The Mirror Group, LLC is a consulting firm that partners with other evaluators, researchers, subject matter experts, and change makers to provide collaborative, participatory, utilization-focused evaluation and capacity-building to a wide range of organizations.

Who Owns The Newspaper The Mirror?

Reach PLC owns and operates Mirror Online, the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, and Sunday People, as well as MGN Ltd. With a print and online portfolio of 38 titles, Reach PLC is Britain’s largest newspaper, magazine, and digital publisher. Every month, there are six million people in the world.

Who Owns Mumbai Mirror?

The frontpage of Mumbai Mirror on 2 August 2016


The Times Group


Metropolitan Media Company


Ravi Joshi


25 May 2005

Who Owned The Daily Mirror In 1967?

Cecil Harmsworth King

King aged c. 19 years


20 February 1901 Poynters Hall, Totteridge, Hertfordshire, England, UK


17 April 1987 (aged 86) Dublin, Ireland



What Newspapers Does Reach Plc Own?

There are 240 regional papers in the group, including the national Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, The Sunday People, Daily Express, Sunday Express, Daily Star, Daily Star Sunday, as well as the Scottish Daily Record and Sunday Mail and the magazine OK!.

Who Is The Editor Of The Daily Mirror?

She has been the editor of the Daily Mirror since 2018 and is a British journalist.

Who Owned The Times Before Murdoch?

Since 1966, The Times and The Sunday Times have been owned by Lord Thomson and Rupert Murdoch, respectively, under the Times Newspapers Limited (TNL) banner.

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