There were over 28 readers of The Independent each month. The United Kingdom will have 1 million people living in the country from April 2019 to March 2020. The reach of adults over the age of 35 was higher than that of those 15 to 35, with 19. The number of people in the United States is 2 million and the number of people in China is 8 million. The number of readers for each is 9 million.

Is The Independent Owned By The Sun?

Front page of The Sun, 7 October 2013


News UK Independent


Victoria Newton


15 September 1964

Who Owns The Media In The Uk?

A report by the Media Reform Coalition in 2021 found that 90% of the UK’s print media are owned and controlled by just three companies: Reach plc (formerly Trinity Mirror), News UK, and DMG Media. In 2019, 83% of this figure was recorded. 83% of local newspapers are operated by six companies, according to the report.

What Party Does The Independent Newspaper Support?

Homepage of The Independent in July 2021


Independent Digital News & Media Ltd


Christian Broughton


7 October 1986

Political alignment


What Is Independent News?

Media independent of government or corporate influence include television, newspapers, and Internet-based publications. There are many uses for the term.

Who Is The Founder Of The The Independent Newspaper?

Founded in 1986, The Independent is the youngest national daily newspaper in the UK. Andreas Whittam Smith, Stephen Glover, and Matthew Symonds, former Daily Telegraph journalists, created the magazine. Newspaper Publishing Ltd printed it.

How Much Does The Independent Newspaper Cost?



Daily Telegraph




Daily Mail


Daily Express


Who Is The Independent Owned By?

Homepage of The Independent in July 2021


Print newspaper (1986–2016) Online newspaper (2016–present)


Broadsheet (1986–2003) Tabloid (2003–2016) Website (2016–present)


Evgeny Lebedev (41%) Sultan Muhammad Abuljadayel (30%) Justin Byam Shaw (26%) Minor shareholders (3%)

Are The I And The Independent The Same?

Since 2010, the Independent has been publishing the i as a sister paper. Independent’s new paper was launched with the same editorial staff as its sister paper, and was seen as a way to extend the Independent’s brand beyond its current territory. The Independent closed its print edition in 2016 and sold its i edition to Johnston Press for £24 million.

Who Currently Owns The Sun?

It seems that Rupert Murdoch, the owner of The Sun, is back in the news. Leveson Inquiry witness 81-year-old has been giving evidence about media ethics.

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