Cadbury, Rothschild (21%), Schroder, Layton, and other family interests as well as former employees and former staff shareholders make up the company’s smaller shareholders.

Who Is The Owner Of The Economist?

Group The Economist / Owner

Who Is The Ceo Of The Economist?

(Sep 2019-) The Economist Group / CEO

Who Is The Editor Of The Economist?

She previously worked as the business affairs editor at The Economist, where she covered finance, business and science. She is currently the Editor-in-Chief of The Economist.

How Much Is The Economist Group Worth?

Business media is a major industry, and The Economist is one of its most valuable assets. The amount is $5 billion).

Who Is The Economist Owned By?

Cover of the 1 August 2020 issue


Magazine digital


The Economist Group


James Wilson


Zanny Minton Beddoes

Is The Economist A Private Company?

A share of The Economist Newspaper Limited, the parent company of The Economist Group, is divided into three categories: ordinary shares, “A” special shares, and “B” special shares. Neither the company’s shares nor its directors are listed on its website.

When Was The Economist Founded?

The Economist / First issue date: September 1843 d

Which Family Owns The Economist?

Pearson sold its 50% stake in the newspaper to Exor, an Italian investment company, for £469 million (US$531 million) in August 2015, and the newspaper re-acquired the remaining shares for £182 million ($206 million) in September 2015.

Who Are The Directors Of The Economist?

Having previously worked for Business Affairs, Zanny Minton Beddoes was appointed Editor-in-Chief of The Economist in February 2015.

Who Is The Chief Editor Of The Economist?

The Economist’s editor-in-chief, Susan Jean Elisabeth “Zanny” Minton Beddoes (born July 1967) is a British journalist. She is the first woman to hold that position. As a correspondent for the newspaper in 1994, she covered emerging markets.

How Old Is Zanny Minton Beddoes?

anny Minton Beddoes / Age: 54 years s (1967)Zanny Minton Beddoes / Age

Who Is Catherine Brahic?

She is the editor of The Economist’s Environment section. As a science correspondent, she joined the team in September 2018. She was promoted to Environment editor in March 2019. She was an editor and reporter for New Scientist for 12 years, as well as a correspondent for SciDev, before joining The Economist. I am a freelance journalist and a web developer.

Who Is Henry Curr?

Curr is The Economist’s chief economics writer and oversees all of the newspaper’s economics coverage. He joined the newspaper in 2014 as a Britain economics correspondent and moved to Washington, DC in 2015 to cover the U.S.

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