According to the latest data from the Canadian Newspaper Association, there were 74 paid and free daily newspapers owned by ownership groups in Canada in 2020, with Postmedia Network Inc. accounting for the majority of these. With 33 papers, Sun Media is the largest media company in the world. Torstar Corporation, the second-largest owner of newspapers, had seven papers in 2018, down from 12 in 2018.

Which Canadian Newspapers Are Owned By Postmedia?

The Postmedia Network Canada Corp. owns the National Post, Vancouver Sun, The Province, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, Regina Leader-Post, StarPhoenix, Ottawa Citizen, Windsor Star, 24 Hours Toronto, Montreal Gazette, The London Free Press, and 24 Hours Saskatchewan.

Is The Canadian Media Controlled By The Government?

A commission of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission regulates media ownership and the state of media in Canada.

Who Owns The Sun Newspapers In Canada?

Postmedia acquired Sun Media from Quebecor in 2015, and now owns The Sun.

Who Owns Most Of Canada’s Media?

The majority of media in Canada is owned by a few companies: Bell, Corus, Rogers, Quebecor, and the government-owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, apart from a few community broadcasters.

Who Owns Sun Media In Canada?




Postmedia Network Inc

Who Owns National Post In Canada?

Postmedia Network Canada Corp. now owns the paper. The company is based in Toronto, Ontario, and consists of the publishing properties of the former Canwest, as well as news gathering and Internet operations.

Who Owns Newspapers In Canada?

Postmedia Network Inc. owned 68 percent of newspapers in Canada by 2017, according to the four largest chains. The company owns nearly 45 percent of the newspaper industry. Torstar and SaltWire Network, which owned nine and eight papers, respectively, ranked second and third in newspaper ownership. There were three or four papers owned by the average chain.

Is The National Post A Conservative Newspaper?

Although the Asper family has long supported the Liberal Party of Canada, the Post has retained its conservative editorial stance.

Who Owns Sun Media Canada?




Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Key people

Pierre Karl PĂ©ladeau – Former President & CEO




Postmedia Network Inc

Who Regulates Canadian Media?

In Canada, the National NewsMedia Council is a voluntary, self-regulatory organization for the news media industry. As a forum for complaints against its members and to promote ethical practices within the news media industry, it was established in 2015.

Why Does The Government Maintain Canadian Ownership Rules For Broadcasting In Canada?

The ownership rules for broadcasting licensees should be harmonized with those for the telecommunications industry in order to encourage investment in advanced technologies and to increase Canadian content services.

Who Owns The Sun Paper?

Front page of The Sun, 7 October 2013




News UK Independent


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15 September 1964

Who Owns Toronto Sun?

Sun / Postmedia Network Toronto s

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