The third and eighth frames of Game 5 of the World Series saw Jose Altuve score twice. He tied another former Astros star for the most runs in a single playoff series. MLB Stats reports that Altuve scored 21 runs during this postseason due to those runs.

What Is The Record For Most Postseason Home Runs?

  • In 11 playoff appearances with the Indians, Red Sox, and Dodgers, Manny hit 29 HRs and got 493 plate appearances (third most all time)…
  • The number of HRs for Jose Altuve is 23….
  • The number of HR Bernie Williams has is 22.
  • Who Is The Best Postseason Hitter Of All Time?




    Derek Jeter



    Bernie Williams



    Jorge Posada



    Manny Ramirez


    What Is The Most Home Runs In A Postseason Game?

    Babe Ruth became the first player to hit four home runs in a World Series game in 1926, in Game 4. The Boston Beaneaters’ Bobby Lowe became the first player to hit four home runs in a single game on May 30, 1894.

    Who Hit The Most Postseason Home Runs?

  • The 29 HR of Manny Ramrez is the highest of all time.
  • The number of HRs Jose Altuve has is 23.
  • Bernie Williams had 22 HR.
  • The Yankees’ Derek Jeter hit 20 HR during the playoffs.
  • The 19 HR Albert Pujols hit was the highest of his career.
  • The 19 HR George Springer hit was the fifth highest of all time.
  • The number of HRs by Reggie Jackson is 18.
  • A) Mickey Mantle: 18 HR. A) Mickey Mantle: 18 HR.
  • Who Has The Most Postseason Rbis?

    The number of Bernie Williams (80) is 80. A three-point performance by Manny Ramirez (78). The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of David Justice (63) 4 times.

    Who Has The Best Batting Average In The World Series?




    Billy Hatcher • 1990 WS



    David Ortiz • 2013 WS



    Lou Gehrig • 1928 WS



    Barry Bonds • 2002 WS


    What’s The Record For Homeruns In The Postseason?

    During the 1995-2009 period, Manny Ramirez (Dominican Republic) played for the Cleveland Indians (USA), Boston Red Sox (USA) and Los Angeles Dodgers (USA) and hit 29 home runs in the playoffs.

    Who Has Hit 3 Home Runs In A Postseason Game?

    In 2011, Taylor’s current Dodger teammate Albert Pujols played Game 3 of the World Series and was also on the list. The first player to hit three home runs in a playoff game with his team facing elimination is Taylor.

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