Tim Keefe posted the lowest single-season ERA in league history with a 0. His closest competitor was in 1880 when he pitched for the Troy Trojans of the National League with an 86 ERA in 105innings. Dutch Leonard’s scored 52 runs in the American League. The 96 ERA for the season is the best in a single season.

Who Has The Lowest Career Era Of All Time?

The 1906-1912 seasons were really a shining example of Ed Walsh’s impact. Comiskey Park, which was to be his home stadium, was designed by him, and he set a career record for lowest earned run average.

Who Has The Best Era In The Mlb?

With a 1.41 earned run average, Ed Walsh holds the MLB record for most earned runs in a season. 816 The first song is Addie Joss. In addition, Jim Devlin (1.87) and John Devlin (.87) are also noteworthy. The only other pitchers with a career earned run average under 2 are (86).

Who Has The Lowest Era In World Series History?

Bumgarner has been even more unhittable in the World Series than usual. There has been no microscopic difference in his performance in five career appearances. With 25 World Series appearances, he is the lowest pitcher in history with a 25 ERA.

00 Era Possible?

The season ended with a 0, so it wasn’t that difficult. 00 ERA. In addition, this is true for the zero. It would take two years to reach the required ERA, but it would cut the requiredinnings in half. The 0 is the point at which you stop. At least 300 runs in the third year of your career. Even so, it is still very difficult.

00 Era Good?

A baseball pitcher with an ERA of less than two is commonplace today. A dollar is considered exceptional and rare if it is worth more than one dollar. ERAs between 2 and 3 are considered acceptable. 00 and 3. In addition, 00 is considered excellent, and only the best pitchers in the league can achieve it. He would have a 0 ERA if he retired the next batter. Despite being down by a point, the score remained at 0.

Who Has The Lowest Postseason Era?

Rivera was dominant in the playoffs, holding multiple MLB records, including the lowest postseason ERA (0.21). He was aided by a near-unhittable splitter that was possibly sent from God (no, really). He also had the most saves (42), which was his uniform number.

Who Has The Best Era Of All Time?


Player (yrs, age)

Earned Run Average


Ed Walsh+ (14)



Addie Joss+ (9)



Jim Devlin (5)



Jack Pfiester (8)


What Is A Good Career Era?

ERAs between 2 and 3 are considered acceptable. 00 and 3. In addition, 00 is considered excellent, and only the best pitchers in the league can achieve it. ERAs between 3 and 5 are considered acceptable. 00 and 4. A score of 0 is above average. An ERA between 3.50 and 4.70. 00 and 5. A pitcher with an ERA of 0 is average; most of them have one in this range.

Is It Better To Have A High Era Or Low Era?

A pitcher’s earned run average (ERA) is the average of the earned runs allowed by him or her in nine consecutive frames (i.e. A traditional length of a game is the same as the traditional length of a game). As a result, a lower ERA is better because it is determined by dividing the number of earned runs allowed by the number ofinnings pitched and multiplying by nine.

Who Has The Highest Era In Mlb 2020?


National League


2020 (NL AL)

Trevor Bauer (CIN)


2019 (NL AL)

Hyun Jin Ryu* (LAD)


2018 (NL AL)

Jacob deGrom (NYM)


2017 (NL AL)

Clayton Kershaw* (LAD)


Who Has The Best Era In Mlb 2021?



1 Corbin BurnesMIL


2 Max ScherzerWSH/LAD


3 Walker BuehlerLAD


4 Brandon WoodruffMIL


Who Has The Best Era In World Series History?




Madison Bumgarner

36.0 IP


Jack Billingham

25.1 IP


Harry Brecheen

32.2 IP


Claude Osteen

21.0 IP

What Was The Lowest Scoring World Series?

The Dodgers scored just two runs in the entire series, the lowest total ever scored by one team in a World Series.

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