Darrell Griffith leaps 48 inches in the air to become the tallest vertical leap in NBA history. The 46-year-old Jason Richardson is a father of two. 5 inches. The height of Anthony Webb is 46 inches. The height of James White is 46 inches. The length of Zach LaVine is 46 inches.

Who In The Nba Has The Highest Vertical?

Despite Michael Jordan’s record for the highest vertical leap at 48 inches, many have since surpassed it, but he still holds the record. Ahead of the 2021-22 NBA season, we take a look at the top five players with the highest vertical leap.

Who Has The Highest Vertical Ever Recorded?

A 63-meter vertical jump was recorded on the platform. A vertical jump of 5,5″ ( Evan Ungar) broke the Guinness World Record for the highest jump in 2016. 5 inches. Justin Bethel held the previous Guinness world record for 60 inches.

What Was Kobe Bryant’s Vertical?


Vertical Leap:

Shawn Kemp

40″ (102 cm)

Larry Nance


Rex Chapmann


Kobe Bryant


What Is Zion Williamson Vertical?

Michael Grange of Rogers Sportsnet reports that Duke doesn’t release the results, but Coach K says Zion has a 45-inch vertical leap. Michael Jordan is reported to have jumped 48 inches, while Spud Webb is reported to have jumped 46 inches.

Who Has The Highest Vertical Recorded?

A vertical jump of 63 metres by Evan Ungar from Canada set a Guinness World Record in 2016. 5 inches. Justin Bethel held the previous Guinness world record for 60 inches.

Does Anyone Have A 60 Inch Vertical?

Justin Bethel of the United States achieved the height of 60 inches or 5 feet in 2012, the highest ever recorded. This is a different type of jump from the regular standing vertical jump that is used during fitness tests and also by the NBA and NFL (see below for more information).

Who Has The Highest Vertical Ever In The Nba?

Check out NBA player futures for more information. The legendary Micheal Jordan begins the game with a 48 inch vertical jump, which is a testament to his nickname “The Airness.” The player is known throughout the world as the greatest basketball player of all time.

Did Wilt Really Have A 48 Inch Vertical?

A height of 48 inches is the highest vertical leap in NBA history, held by “The Stilt” Chamberlain. It would not be possible for someone of that size to reach a height that would break records if they stood at 7 foot 1 inch.

Who Has The Highest Vertical In The Nba History?

The height of Michael Jordan’s vertical leap is the only one in NBA history that has been nicknamed “his airness.”. A vertical jump of 48 inches is currently his highest jump in the entire tournament. Hang time on the rim of 0 is what this number has. A little over 92 seconds.

Is A 34 Inch Vertical Good?

In addition to showing athletic ability, basketball players and football players can also be vital to their sport because they can jump high. In college football, players leap between 29 and 31 inches on average. In college basketball, players leap between 27 and 30 inches on average.

What Was Lebron’s Vertical?

King James is reportedly able to launch his 6-foot-8, 250-pound frame with ease because his vertical leap is reported to be around 40 inches (the NBA average is around 20). LeBron’s mobility, stability, and flexibility are definitely an interplay.

What Was Lebron’s Prime Vertical?

The fourth player is LeBron James, also known as King James. His 44 inch vertical leap puts him 4 inches above the rim and 2 inches below His Airness, which is the height of Jordan’s head.

What Is Michael Jordan’s Vertical?

The highest vertical jump in the entire tournament is 48 inches by Michael Jordan. Hang time on the rim of 0 is what this number has. A little over 92 seconds. We can calculate that Michael Jordan can jump 42 feet vertically if he stands 6 feet 6 inches tall.

What Was Shaq’s Vertical?

Shaquille O’Neal held the previous record for the tallest vertical reach at 12’5″, but Howard wasn’t going to let that record stand.

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