The largest shoe size in NBA history was worn by Shaquille O’Neal, who wore a 23 inch size 23 shoe. Robin and Brook Lopez have been signed to Adidas for a long time, but have recently switched to Nike. They prefer Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Zoom

Who Has The Biggest Shoe Size In History?

The tallest man ever was Robert Wadlow (USA, 1918 – 1940), who wore US size 37AA shoes (UK size 36 or approximately a European size 75), which measured 47cm (1812 inches).

Who Has The Largest Foot In The World?

Brahim Takioullah


26 January 1982 Guelmim, Morocco

Known for

Second (Possibly) tallest living person World’s largest feet


2.46 m (8 ft 1 in)

Who Wears A Size 17 Shoe?



Deandre Jordan


Kevin Durant


Joel Embiid


Anthony Davis


Who Has The Biggest Shoe Size In The Nba History?

Shaquille O’Neal wore a shoe size 23 that was the largest in NBA history.

What Is The Largest Shoe In The World?

These giant dress shoes measure over 17 feet long and 8 feet wide, which means they can fit 30 people inside of them comfortably. Guinness certified the massive footwear in 2002, which was built in Marikina, the shoe manufacturing capital of the Philippines and the home of Imelda Marcos’ shoe collection.

How Big Is A 37aa Shoe?

Robert Wadlow (USA, 1918-40) was the tallest man ever, wearing US size 37AA (UK size 36) shoes, which measured 47 cm (1 ft 6) in height. 5 in).

Who Has A Size 18 Foot?

Size 18 shoes from DeAndre Jordan.

Who Has The Biggest Feet In The World 2021?

His feet measure nearly 16 inches each, and his shoes measure 26 inches. Jeison Orlando Rodrguez Hernandez, from Maracay, Venezuela, lives with his parents. There is a new record holder in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest feet: a Venezuelan man.

Where Is The Biggest Shoe In The World?


Colossal Footwear


Men’s shoes (size 753; French shoe size standard)



Who Has The Smallest Foot In The World?

Jyoti Amge from Nagpar, India, won the award for the smallest non-bound foot. Only three feet long, she is very small. A 72 inch long piece of paper.

How Big Is A Size 17 Shoe?

Length (inches)

Length (centimeters)

US Size


31 cm


12 1/8″

31.4 cm


12 1/2″

32 cm



33 cm


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