However, there are guys who have trained, worked, and made 70-yard kicks in practice, so if the situation is right, we will see. The kick came on the same day that Prater attempted a 68-yarder, but the kick was short and he returned it 109 yards for a touchdown, showing the risks involved with big kicks.

Who Has The Highest Fg Percentage In The Nfl?

Field Goals


FG Pct


Justin TuckerJ. Tucker, 2012-21



Harrison ButkerH. Butker, 2017-21



Chris BoswellC. Boswell, 2014-21


Who Is The Best Football Kicker Of All Time?

  • I’m Jason Hanson. I’m here to tell you…
  • Anderson, Gary…
  • I would like to thank Stephen Gostkowski for his contributions.
  • The Rev. Jan Stenerud…
  • The man who made it, Adam Vinatieri…
  • The late George Blanda…
  • The following are examples of Morten Andersen: New Orleans 1982-94; Atlanta 1995-2000, ’06-07; New York Giants 2001; Kansas City 2002-03; Minnesota 2004-05…
  • The Cleveland Browns from 1946 to 1967, Lou Groza.
  • Who Has The Best Field Goal Percentage In A Season?

    A single season’s field goal percentage record currently stands at 0 percent. During the abbreviated 2019–20 season, Mitchell Robinson scored 742 for the New York Knicks.

    Who Is Statistically The Best Kicker In The Nfl?

    The Ravens’ Justin Tucker has made 90 career starts. He has the highest percentage of accurate kicks in NFL history, with 7%.

    Who Has The Best Field Goal Record?

    Baltimore Ravens: Tucker holds the record for the longest distance and accuracy in Ravens history with a 90 yard mark. He is a four-time All-Pro selection. Through Week 3 of his career, he had a 6% success rate on field goals.

    Has There Ever Been A 60 Yard Field Goal?

    The 1980s saw just one 60-plus yard kick, and two more in the 1990s: Jason Elam of the Broncos tied Dempsey’s record in 1998. But the new century brought bigger, stronger, more skilled kickers and an explosion of successful 60-plus yard kicks.

    Who Is The Best Football Kicker Ever?

  • The late George Blanda.
  • The man who made it, Adam Vinatieri…
  • The Rev. Jan Stenerud…
  • I would like to thank Stephen Gostkowski for his contributions.
  • Anderson, Gary…
  • Detroit 1992-2012. Jason Hanson…
  • I worked for Jason Elam in Denver 1993-2007 and Atlanta 2008-09.
  • The Cleveland 1991-95 season, the Baltimore 1996-2008 season, and the Indianapolis 2009 season were all Matt Stover seasons.
  • Who Is The Goat Kicker?

    There is no doubt that Justin Tucker is the NFL’s GOAT kicker. With the Baltimore Ravens trailing 17-16 in the final seconds of Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions, the Ravens had one last chance to win.

    Who Is The Number 1 Kicker?

    The Kansas City Chiefs’ Harrison Butker ranked 13th in fantasy points last year after finishing as the top fantasy kicker in 2019.

    Is A 70 Yard Field Goal Possible?

    There are now kickers who can hit 60 yards or more. It is possible to hit from 65 yards and beyond, especially at high altitudes, with a gust of wind at their back or with a well-worn football that has been removed from the air.

    Has Anyone Ever Kicked A 75 Yard Field Goal?

    During Wednesday’s Pro Bowl practice, the Ravens kicker made a monster field goal.

    Has Anyone Ever Made A 65 Yard Field Goal?

    I find that to be a bit puzzling. Cairo Santos has never attempted a 65-yard field goal: His career long is 55 yards, and his attempt came up short. Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field is also notoriously difficult to kick at.

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