The most coveted kicking record in NFL history was broken by Prater over 43 years and 30 days. The Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Tom Dempsey — with his oh-so-famous modified half-shoe that now resides in the museum — made a 63-yard field goal on Nov. 19, 1970. 8, 1970.

Who Has Kicked A 64 Yard Field Goal?

The Denver Broncos’ Matt Prater: 64 Yards (2013)

Has Anyone Ever Kicked A 75 Yard Field Goal?

During Wednesday’s Pro Bowl practice, the Ravens kicker made a monster field goal.

What Are The Five Longest Field Goals In Nfl History?

  • The San Francisco 49ers: 63 Yards by David Akers, 2012…
  • The following is a video of Sebastian Janikowski, Oakland Raiders: 63 Yards (2011)…
  • The Denver Broncos: 63 Yards by Jason Elam in 1998…
  • The New Orleans Saints: 63 Yards by Tom Dempsey in 1970…
  • The Denver Broncos’ Matt Prater: 64 Yards (2013)
  • What Is The Longest Touchdown In Nfl History?

    The Jaguars lost 31-19 to the Cardinals on Agnew’s 109-yard touchdown reception. Just before halftime, he grabbed a Matt Prater field goal that was wide left. With Agnew’s return, the NFL record for longest touchdown in history was broken.

    What Is The Longest Field Goal In Nfl History 2021?

    The longest field goal in NFL history was made by Justin Tucker against the Lions in week 3 of the 2021 season, when he hit a 66-yarder.

    Has Anyone Ever Made A 65 Yard Field Goal?

    I find that to be a bit puzzling. Cairo Santos has never attempted a 65-yard field goal: His career long is 55 yards, and his attempt came up short. Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field is also notoriously difficult to kick at.

    Has Anyone Made A 70 Yard Field Goal?

    For one week, Justin Tucker has been the longest field goal kicker in the NFL.

    Who Kicked A 63-yard Field Goal?

    On Nov. The New Orleans Saints defeated the Detroit Lions 19-17 on a 63-yard field goal by Tom Dempsey at Tulane Stadium as time expired on December 8, 1970. It was the longest field goal in NFL history and the first to surpass 60 yards at the time. NFL records are being broken.

    Is A 70 Yard Field Goal Possible?

    There are now kickers who can hit 60 yards or more. It is possible to hit from 65 yards and beyond, especially at high altitudes, with a gust of wind at their back or with a well-worn football that has been removed from the air.

    Has Anyone Kicked A 90 Yard Field Goal?

    An N-shaped sphere holds the record for the most space in a sphere. There are 64 yards on the field goal. The kickers have been far more accurate in practice than they were in real life.

    What Are The 5 Longest Field Goals In Nfl History?

  • Zuerlein, Greg, St. Louis…
  • The Baltimore Ravens: 61 Yards (2013) by Justin Tucker…
  • The Arizona Cardinals: 61 Yards in 2012 by Jay Feely…
  • The 61 Yards of Sebastian Janikowski, Oakland Raiders, 2009,…
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Matt Bryant scored 62 Yards in 2006…
  • The San Francisco 49ers: 63 Yards by David Akers, 2012.
  • Who Has The Longest Field Goal In Nfl History Before Tucker?

    With just seconds left in the game, Baltimore’s most accurate kicker in NFL history drilled a 66-yard field goal to win 19-17. NFL records are being broken. Prior to that, Matt Prater set the record with a 64-yard field goal against the Tennessee Titans in 2013.

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