• A total of 2,973 3-pointers by Ray Allen.
  • Curry (2,773) is the leading scorer in the NBA.
  • 2,560) Reggie Miller
  • Korver (2,450) is a former NBA player.
  • Harden has 2,441 points.
  • The number of Vince Carter (2,290) is unknown.
  • Terry, Jason (2,282)
  • The number of Jamal Crawford (2,221) is 2.
  • Who Is The #1 3-point Shooter In Nba?



    Total 3-point field goals made


    Ray Allen*



    Stephen Curry^



    Reggie Miller*



    James Harden^


    Who Are The Worst 5 3-point Shooters In The Nba?

  • The Daily Knicks report that RJ Barrett shot 31.1%.
  • The shot by Anthony Edwards is 31.6%. Credit: Getty Images…
  • The 31.5% FG percentage for Blake Griffin is impressive…
  • The 31.1% 3FG by Dejounte Murray was the best of the day.
  • The percentage of Josh Richardson’s shots was 30.0%.
  • The percentage of Pascal Siakam’s shot is 29.5%.
  • I think Darius Bazley shot 29.4% from 3FGs.
  • A 3FG by Josh Jackson was 29.4%.
  • Who Has The Most 3 Point Shooters In Nba History?





    Ray Allen



    Stephen Curry



    Reggie Miller



    James Harden


    Who Is 1 All Time 3-pointers Made?

    It is official that Stephen Curry has won the Golden Gloves. It is the first time in his career that Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry has overtaken legendary shooter Ray Allen in career three-point shots made during the regular season and playoffs.

    Who Is Statistically The Best Shooter In Nba History?

    There is now a question about whether Stephen Curry is the greatest NBA shooter of all time. Every generation of basketball fans has their Greatest “something” of all time, and most people consider Michael Jordan to be the greatest of all time.

    Who Has The Lowest 3 Point Percentage In Nba History?

    In terms of percentage of three-point attempts, Charles Barkley has the lowest career percentage, at 26 percent. The rate of growth is 6 percent.

    Who Has The Worst Shooting Percentage In Nba?

    The career field-goal percentage of John Mahnken is 27 percent. The rate of growth is 2 percent.

    Who Was The Worst Nba Player Ever?

  • In the year 2008-09, Sun Yue made his NBA debut.
  • In 1999, Michael Ruffin joined the NBA.
  • In the first round of the 2007 NBA draft, Javaris Crittenton was selected 19th.
  • The name Brian Scalabrine is also known as White Mamba…
  • The Cherokee Parks…
  • The Manute Bol…
  • The late Bryant Reeves…
  • The late Keith Closs was a great musician.
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