The statement of ownership, management, and circulation of the magazine can be found in the magazine itself, printed annually, usually in December or in the last issue of the year. Magazines may include it in their front or back pages as advertisements.

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What Is Circulation Department Newspaper?

Information about Insiders. The circulation manager is responsible for developing and operating circulation plans for newspapers, magazines, and catalogs. Publishers of all kinds can use them.

Why Publishers Of Newspaper Really Look For Their Circulation Figures?

Advertising rates are determined by print circulation, which is one of the most important factors. Audits of circulations are conducted by independent bodies, such as the Audit Bureau of Circulations, in many countries to ensure advertisers that a newspaper reaches the number of people claimed by the publisher.

What Is Happening To Daily Newspaper Circulation?

The Pew Research Center, in its annual State of the News report, examined the latest trends in newspapers from a variety of industry sources. According to the latest figures, weekday newspapers will have 24 circulations (print and digital). The Sunday newspaper had a circulation of 25 million and the Monday newspaper had a circulation of 3 million. There were 8 million visitors, a 6% decline from last year.

What Are The Factors Affecting Newspaper Circulation?

States with the highest literacy levels saw the fastest growth in newspaper circulation. There are 74 percent of Indians who are literate. Rural literacy rate is 68, which is 0%. A literacy rate of 84 percent is found in urban areas. India’s traditional newspaper readership is more inclined to read regional language papers.

What Newspaper Has The Highest Circulation?





USA Today (Arlington, Va.)



Wall Street Journal (New York, N.Y.)



Times (New York, N.Y.)



Times (Los Angeles)


What Is Circulation For A Newspaper?

Newspapers and magazines distribute an average of one copy per day to their readers. It is important for advertisers to be aware of which publications to place ads in, since circulation includes both paid and free circulation.

How Do You Calculate Circulation Reach?

RPC multiplied by circulation is the formula for readership. An average magazine has a circulation of 150,000 and a RPC of 2, for example. A total of 375,000 people read this article.

What Is The Circulation Of A Magazine?

In a magazine, circulation is the number of copies it usually distributes. The amount of money they charge businesses for advertising in the magazine is one of the most important factors in determining how much money they will charge.

What Are The Key Responsibilities Of Newspaper Circulation Department?

Circulation: It involves maintaining circulation records for the city of publication; the recruitment, supervision, and reimbursement of carrier boys; the supervision of district men who oversee circulation by subdivisions of the city, and the responsibility of moving papers to news stands and relations.

What Is The Role Of A Circulation Manager In Newspaper?

Circulation managers are responsible for developing relationships with retailers and distributors, increasing the number of catalogs, newspapers, and magazines they distribute.

What Is The Difference Between Readership And Circulation Figures For Newspapers?

The circulation of a publication is determined by how many copies are distributed. An estimate of how many readers a publication has can be calculated by subtracting the number of readers from the number of pages.

Why Is Newspaper Circulation Important?

The circulation of newspapers has always been a critical part of journalism’s success, as well as its practical purpose. As literacy rose, so did the demand for printed information, which enabled printers to run weekly or even daily papers with the circulation they needed.

Which Daily Newspaper Has The Highest Circulation?



Circulation (thousands)

The New York Times



Guangzhou Daily



Nanfang Daily



Rajasthan Patrika



What Is Circulation Of A Newspaper?

In print circulation, a publication has an average number of copies. Audits of circulations are conducted by independent bodies, such as the Audit Bureau of Circulations, in many countries to ensure advertisers that a newspaper reaches the number of people claimed by the publisher.

Is Daily Mail Circulation Falling?

In January 2021, the Daily Mail’s print circulation dropped to its lowest level since the peak of the Covid-19 crisis. In January, the UK’s top-selling newspaper sold an average of 960,019 copies per day, a drop of 18% from the previous year.