There were over 28 readers of The Independent each month. The United Kingdom will have 1 million people living in the country from April 2019 to March 2020. The reach of adults over the age of 35 was higher than that of those 15 to 35, with 19. The number of people in the United States is 2 million and the number of people in China is 8 million. The number of readers for each is 9 million.

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What Kind Of Newspaper Is The Irish Independent?

An Irish daily newspaper and online publication, the Irish Independent is published by Independent Media. In other words, it is owned by Independent News & Media (INM), a subsidiary of Mediahuis. Glossy magazines are often included in the newspaper version.

Is The Irish Independent A Tabloid?

This week, the “compact” Irish Independent introduced the fashion for tabloid versions of broadsheet papers in Irish newspapers. In September, the Independent, the paper’s British stablemate, published a tabloid version of its broadsheet.

Is The Ia Tabloid Or Broadsheet?

In the UK, the paper is classified as a ‘quality’ publication, but it is published in the standard compact tabloid format.

Is Independent A Magazine?

We have a long history. From 1976 to 2006, the independent was published by the Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers (AIVF) in New York and the Foundation for Independent Video and Film. You can access the entire magazine archive either on our website or through the Internet Archive.

What Party Does The Independent Newspaper Support?

Homepage of The Independent in July 2021


Independent Digital News & Media Ltd


Christian Broughton


7 October 1986

Political alignment


Who Is The Founder Of The The Independent Newspaper?

Founded in 1986, The Independent is the youngest national daily newspaper in the UK. Andreas Whittam Smith, Stephen Glover, and Matthew Symonds, former Daily Telegraph journalists, created the magazine. Newspaper Publishing Ltd printed it.

Are Uk Newspapers Independent?

The national daily newspaper publishes every day except on Sundays and 25 December. It is possible for Sunday newspapers to be independent; for example, the New York Times. As an independent Sunday newspaper, The Observer was acquired by The Guardian in 1993 after being founded in 1791.

How Much Does The Independent Newspaper Cost?



Daily Telegraph




Daily Mail


Daily Express


Is The Irish Independent A Tabloid Or A Broadsheet?


Market type


Irish Examiner

National – quality


Irish Independent

National – quality


The Herald (Ireland)

National – tabloid


The Irish Times

National – quality


What Type Of Newspaper Is The Irish News?


Daily newspaper

Political alignment

Centre-left Irish nationalism (with Liberal Unionist columnists)


English, Irish


113–117 Donegall Street Belfast, Northern Ireland



What Type Of Paper Is The Irish Examiner?

Formerly known as The Cork Examiner and then The Examiner, the Irish Examiner is a national Irish newspaper that primarily circulates in the Munster region surrounding its base in Cork, but is available throughout the country as well.

Who Reads The Irish Independent?

The Irish Independent is the best-selling daily in Ireland, with over 500,000 readers every day. The newspaper features award-winning journalism and a weekly section dedicated to business and farming.

What Type Of Newspaper Is The Irish Independent?

Irish Independent front page on 24 November 2005


Daily newspaper and digital publication




Independent News & Media who are a subsidiary of Mediahuis


Cormac Bourke

Is The Irish Times A Tabloid Or Broadsheet?

A broadsheet newspaper and online publication in Ireland, The Irish Times is published every day. On 29 March 1859, it was launched. Paul O’Neill is the editor.

What Is The Most Reliable Newspaper In Ireland?



1 The Irish Times


2 The Irish Independent


3 The Irish Examiner


4 Evening Herald


Is The Metro A Tabloid Or Broadsheet?

Unlike UK tabloid newspapers, Metro has a more modest size and format, with large headlines, large photos, and relatively short articles.

What Are Examples Of Tabloids?

In addition to the National Enquirer, Star, Weekly World News (later reinvented as a parody of the style), and Sun, there are many other examples. U.S. supermarket tabloids are dominated by the supermarket tabloids. The content of these articles is published by American Media, Inc. In addition to the National Enquirer, Star, Globe, and National Examiner, there are other publications.

What Type Of Newspaper Is A Tabloid?

There are many photos and small articles in a tabloid newspaper. The tabloid press is often viewed as less serious than other media outlets.

Is The Independent A Tabloid?

A British online newspaper, The Independent is published by the Independent Group. In 1986, it was established as a national morning paper. Since 2003, the Indy has been a tabloid newspaper. Originally a broadsheet, it has changed to a tabloid. At the 2004 British Press Awards, the Daily Edition was named National Newspaper of the Year.

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