Buffalo Bills backup quarterback Frank Reich leads the biggest comeback in NFL history as the Bills defeat the Houston Texans in the 1992 AFC Wild Card game.

What Quarterback Has The Biggest Comeback In Nfl History?

Buffalo, however, responded on the very next possession, driving 50 yards in 10 plays and scoring a touchdown on a one-yard run by Kenneth Davis. Reich was then given the ball after Bills kicker Steve Christie recovered his own onside kick.

What Is The Greatest Comeback Of All Time?

  • The 10,000m final at the Olympics was won by Lasse Viren, who set a world record time.
  • Hampshire made 155 runs after bowling Yorkshire out for 15 and then batting again to win by 155 runs.
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  • The late Henri Cochet…
  • A Hermit is…
  • A tribute to Dennis Taylor…
  • The French are…
  • The man who played Gary Player.
  • What Is The Biggest Blowout In Nfl History?

    The National Football League (NFL) is the sport of American football. The Chicago Bears won the league championship game 73–0 over the Washington Redskins in 1940.

    What Is The Largest Comeback In Football History?

    The Michigan State vs. Ohio State game will be shown on TV. The University of Chicago. The Spartans completed the biggest comeback in FBS history in October 2006, but they did so in just under 25 minutes of play.

    Who Has The Greatest Comeback In Nfl History?

    A playoff game is considered to be the most important comeback in NFL history. Buffalo Bills quarterback Jeff Hostetter threw a pick-six in the third quarter of their 1993 playoff game against the Houston Texans, which led to a 35-3 deficit.

    What’s The Greatest Comeback In Nba History?

    Denver was outscored 35-17 in the fourth quarter, and the Lakers won 107-103. Utah Jazz’s comeback was the greatest in NBA history, as they came back from 36 points down at halftime. In the end, Karl Malone scored 31 points on 13-25 shooting from the field.

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    What’s The Biggest Halftime Deficit?




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    What Is The Biggest Lead Blown In Nfl?

    The Bills won in overtime, 41–38, after trailing by 32 points. The comeback remains the largest in NFL history to this day. NBC broadcast the game, with Charlie Jones and Todd Christensen calling the action.

    What Is The Largest Score In Nfl History?

    The Washington Redskins and the New York Giants played the highest-scoring game in NFL history in 1959, scoring 113 points. A Washington team led by Hall of Fame quarterback Sonny Jurgensen defeated the New York Giants 72-41 in a game that featured 17 scoring plays on November 27, 1966.

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