Six Super Bowl titles between the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers are the most in history, each winning the Lombardi Trophy six times.

Which Football Team Has The Most Super Bowl?





Pittsburgh Steelers



New England Patriots



San Francisco 49ers



Dallas Cowboys


Which Nfl Team Has Never Won A Super Bowl?

Neither the Houston Texans nor the Atlanta Falcons have won a Super Bowl. In Super Bowl XXXIII, the Falcons lost to the Denver Broncos 34-19, marking the franchise’s only Super Bowl appearance.

Has Any Nfl Team Won 2 Super Bowls In A Row?

Seven teams have won consecutive games: the Green Bay Packers (1966-1967), the Miami Dolphins (1972-1973), the Pittsburgh Steelers (1974-1975 and 1978-1979), the San Francisco 49ers (1988-1995), and the New York Jets (1995-1998).

Has Any Nfl Team Won Every Game And The Super Bowl?

The 1972 Miami Dolphins won their fourteen regular season games and three playoff games, including Super Bowl VII, to complete a perfect season in the National Football League (both regular season and playoffs).

How Many Teams Have Won Super Bowls Back To Back?

The season has seen eight teams win back-to-back titles.

What Teams Will Be In The Super Bowl 2021?

Super Bowl 2021 will be held at the home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but don’t call it Tampa Bay – that’s just a construction used by professional sports teams.

What Teams Are In The Super Bowl?

Super Bowl Winners and Results





Feb. 3, 2019

New England 13, Los Angeles Rams 3


Feb. 2, 2020

Kansas City 31, San Francisco 20


Feb. 7, 2021

Tampa Bay 31, Kansas City 9

What Football Team Has Won The Most Super Bowls?

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  • Six Super Bowl wins for the New England Patriots…
  • Six Super Bowl wins for the Pittsburgh Steelers…
  • Five Super Bowl wins for the San Francisco 49ers…
  • Five Super Bowl wins for the Dallas Cowboys…
  • The Green Bay Packers have won four Super Bowls…
  • Four Super Bowl wins for the New York Giants…
  • The Denver Broncos have won three Super Bowls.
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