The newspaper has long been known for its emphasis on foreign coverage, which makes it one of England’s top papers. In addition to covering the arts, government, education, and politics, the paper has a reputation for being a responsible source of information. It is considered by other editors to be one of the world’s best papers.

Is The Observer Independent Of The Guardian?

When the Observer was acquired by a major competitor in 1993, the Guardian Media Group had to acquire it as a natural ally. Observer has been able to maintain its editorial independence, which has enabled it to continue its tradition of independent journalism and liberal politics.

Who Owns The Observer?


Online and print media




Jared Kushner


Manhattan, New York City, US

Key people

Joseph Meyer (Chairman & Publisher), Michael Rose (CEO, Observer Media), Mary von Aue (Editorial Director, Observer), Max Gross (Editor in Chief, Commercial Observer)

Who Is The Observer?

Observation is someone who watches or pays attention to something – if you are an observer of current events, you probably read the news and watch the news every day to keep up with what is happening.

What Kind Of Newspaper Is The Observer?

The Observer front page on 21 January 2018


Sunday newspaper


Originally broadsheet, Berliner (2006–2018), tabloid (since 2018)


Guardian Media Group


Paul Webster

What Happened To The Observer?

Founded in 1791, The Observer was the first Sunday newspaper in Britain. After briefly leaving British ownership in 1976, the Observer was sold to an American conglomerate, Atlantic Richfield Company, which later merged with the Observer.

Is The Observer Available Online?

With The Observer now available anywhere and at any time, you can read it. You can get the Observer at home or at work, and it is the same edition as the printed version.

What Is The Most Reliable Newspaper In Uk?

There are two papers that are considered to be the most reputable: The Times and The Guardian. Both of them conduct thorough investigations and report on their findings.

Which British Newspapers Are Conservative?


Days of publication

Political party support in the 2019 general election

The Daily Telegraph


Conservative Party

The Sunday Telegraph


The Times


The Sunday Times


Who Owns Observer Media?

Jared Kushner owned Observer Media until 2016, when he transferred ownership to a family trust, which his brother-in-law Joseph Meyer took over as publisher and chairman in 2017. Observer Media is based in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

Is The Guardian An Independent Newspaper?

We are a global news organization that delivers fearless, investigative journalism – giving voice to the powerless and holding power to account. Due to our independent ownership structure, we are completely free of political and commercial influence.

Who Controls The Guardian Newspaper?

The Guardian and The Observer are two of the media operations owned by Guardian Media Group plc (GMG). Guardian Group is wholly owned by the Scott Trust Limited, which has been protecting The Guardian’s financial and editorial independence since its inception.

Is The Guardian Australia Independent?


Online newspaper


Who Owns The Observer Nyc?

44th Street office


Observer Media Joseph Meyer Jared Kushner (former)


Arthur L. Carter


Joseph Meyer


James Karklins

Who Funds The Observer?



OCLC number


Is The Observer Owned By The Guardian?

Since 1993, The Observer has been owned by the Guardian Media Group, which also owns The Guardian newspaper.

Does The Observer Still Exist?

The Observer front page on 21 January 2018


Sunday newspaper


140,100 (as of July 2020)

Sister newspapers

The Guardian, The Guardian Weekly



Can I Read The Observer Online?

Online readers can read The Observer at any time, anywhere.

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