Editors of the paper have personal connections to the Conservative Party leadership, as well as the paper’s right-wing stance and influence over Conservative activists, which has led to it being referred to as the Tories’ paper, especially in Private Eye.

Which Uk Newspapers Are Left Wing?

  • The New Statesman is an independent magazine that covers politics and culture.
  • This is a song from the New Communist Party of Britain called The New Worker.
  • Sunday edition of The Observer is a mainstream left-wing newspaper.
  • In England and Wales, the Socialist Party is the party of the left.
  • A socialist worker is a member of the Socialist Workers Party.
  • Which Uk Newspapers Are Left And Right-wing?


    Days of publication

    Political orientation

    Daily Express



    Sunday Express


    The Sun


    The Sun on Sunday


    Is The I Newspaper Left Or Right-wing?

    In its front-page articles, i takes a political stance on the center of the political spectrum, with many articles focusing on social issues and inequality – but it also claims to be politically balanced and to publish views from both sides of the political spectrum.

    Is The Daily Mail Left-wing?

    In its right-wing orientation, the Mail tends to support the Conservative Party.

    What Is The Most Reliable Newspaper In Uk?

    There are two papers that are considered to be the most reputable: The Times and The Guardian. Both of them conduct thorough investigations and report on their findings.

    What Does It Mean By Being Left-wing?

    In left-wing politics, equality and egalitarianism are often opposed to social hierarchy. In the late 19th century, the word wing was first appended to Left and Right, usually with derogatory intent, and left-wing was used to describe those who were unorthodox in their religious or political beliefs.

    What Political Party Do Uk Newspapers Support?


    Main endorsement

    Secondary endorsement(s)

    Financial Times


    Liberal Democrats

    The Guardian

    Labour Party


    Liberal Democrats

    The Independent

    Liberal Democrats


    Is The Daily Mail Left Or Right-wing?

    In its editorial stance, the Mail is traditionally a supporter of the Conservative Party, as it is a right-wing tabloid.

    Is The Morning Star Left Wing?

    A left-wing British newspaper with a socialist slant, The Morning Star focuses on social, political, and trade union issues. It is the largest and longest-running socialist newspaper in the country.

    Who Is The Telegraph Owned By?

    Trade name


    Operating income

    £900,000 (2018)


    Barclay brothers


    Press Holdings


    The Daily Telegraph The Sunday Telegraph

    Is The Telegraph A Tabloid?

    Cover of The Daily Telegraph (26 May 2016), occupied by a story on David Feeney, during the 2016 federal election campaign.


    Daily newspaper



    What Is The Circulation Of The I Newspaper?

    With a circulation of more than 143,000 copies, the i is part of the Daily Mail group.

    What Political Party Does The Times Support?

    Front-page of The Times from 19 October 2015

    Political alignment

    Conservative Party New Labour (2001–2010)


    The News Building, London 1 London Bridge Place, SE1 9GF


    United Kingdom


    359,960 (print, February 2020) 304,000 (digital, June 2019)

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