A standing vertical jump by Gerald Sensabaugh is the NFL record holder. He jumped 46 inches at the NFL Combine in 2005, according to the results.

What Is The Highest Vertical Jump Ever Recorded?

A record-breaking 47 vertical leaps were officially recorded. Josh Imatorbhebhe won the 2015 Nike Football Rating Championships with a length of 1 inch. A 65-inch jump by Brett Williams in 2019 broke the Guinness World Record for the tallest standing platform jump.

What’s A Good Vertical Jump At The Combine?


Men (in inches)

Women (in inches)

Very good

24 to 28

20 to 24

Above average

20 to 24

16 to 20


16 to 20

12 to 16

Below average

12 to 16

8 to 12

What Is A Good Vertical Jump In Nfl?

  • Cameron Wake (2005), Penn State, LB, 5.5 inches.
  • The following is a photo of Chris Chambers (2001) Wisconsin, wide receiver.
  • Chris McKenzie (2005) Arizona State, CB, 5 inches.
  • Donald Washington, CB, Ohio State, 2009, 5 inches.
  • Chris ConleyGeorgia(2015) WR, 5 inches.
  • The CB Byron Jones (2015) at UConn measured 4.5 inches.
  • What Is The Highest Vertical Jump In Nfl History?

    Standing vertical jumps in the NFL are recorded at 46 inches (101,6 cm). A standing vertical jump by Gerald Sensabaugh is the NFL record holder. He jumped 46 inches at the NFL Combine in 2005, according to the results. It’s no secret that this NFL player has a pretty good leap.

    Does Anyone Have A 50 Inch Vertical?

    Among Jordan Kilganon’s many accomplishments are winning numerous international dunking competitions. He invented numerous dunks that are still unreturned to this day because of his 50-inch vertical.

    Who Holds The Highest Vertical Jump?

    A vertical jump of 63 metres by Evan Ungar from Canada set a Guinness World Record in 2016. 5 inches.

    Does Anyone Have A 60 Inch Vertical?

    Justin Bethel of the United States achieved the height of 60 inches or 5 feet in 2012, the highest ever recorded. This is a different type of jump from the regular standing vertical jump that is used during fitness tests and also by the NBA and NFL (see below for more information).

    Who Has The Highest Vertical Jump In The Nba Ever?

  • A 48 inch tall Darrell Griffith.
  • The measurement of Jason Richardson is 46.5 inches.
  • The height of Anthony Webb is 46 inches.
  • The height of James White is 46 inches.
  • The length of Zach LaVine is 46 inches.
  • What Was Kobe Bryant’s Vertical Leap?


    Vertical Leap:

    Shawn Kemp

    40″ (102 cm)

    Larry Nance


    Rex Chapmann


    Kobe Bryant


    What Is A Good Vertical Jump Nfl Combine?

    A wide receiver, a corner back, or a pass rush specialist are often looked at by NFL scouts for high vertical leaps. In college football, players typically leap between 29 and 31 inches in height. Listed below are the top 10 NFL players who have the highest vertical leap.

    What Is Kobe Bryant’s Vertical?

    Three Notorious Dunkers Are Not Allowed To Make A Vertical Leap Club! You will not be able to use a 40 inch vertical leap club. A 38 inch vertical leap by Kobe Bryant. Kobe’s Bottom Line: Jordan’s vertical leap is impressive at 10 inches (approximately).

    Who Has The Highest Vertical In Nba Combine History?

  • The height of Michael Jordan’s vertical leap.
  • There were 988 slam dunk contests.
  • This iconic logo is associated with the Jumpman brand.
  • Here are some workouts for Michael Jordan’s vertical jump training.
  • Michael Jordan and Darrell Griffith are the only two players to have ever jumped higher in NBA history. Darrell Griffith jumped 48 inches.
  • I have to say that I have had a lot of final thoughts.
  • Is A 21 Inch Vertical Good?

    Vertical jump height averaged. A vertical jump score of 60th to 70th percentile is between 18 and 19 inches above average. In the 80 to 90th percentile, 20 to 21 inches is an excellent rating.

    What Is A Good Vertical Jump Height?




    very good

    24 – 28


    above average

    20 – 24



    16 – 20


    below average

    12 – 16


    What Is Ronaldo’s Vertical?

    In spite of this, there is one player who has it all: Cristiano Ronaldo. BOUNCE is the man’s drink. He is probably even more motivated to train now that the stat has been officially recorded in 2014, since he loves to do so much.

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