There is no play in NFL history that has been as spectacular as the “Immaculate Reception.”. Franco Harris made the “Immaculate Reception” at Three Rivers Stadium during the 1972 divisional round playoff game against the Oakland Raiders. It was a play that many people are unfamiliar with.

What Is The Greatest Play In Super Bowl History?

  • The Washington Redskins RB John Riggins scores a touchdown on a 4th-and-1 play in Super Bowl XVII.
  • David Tyree makes an unbelievable catch in Super Bowl XLII for the Giants.
  • Super Bowl XLIII: Santonio Holmes catches a game-winning touchdown for the Steelers.
  • John Elway goes helicopter in Super Bowl XXXII.
  • What Is The Most Famous Football Play?

    In American football history, there is no play that has been as famous as the Immaculate Reception. Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders played in the National Football League (NFL) divisional playoff game at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on December 23, 1972.

    What Is The Best Play In Super Bowl History?

  • The Tennessee Titans are in the clear when Steve McNair makes a move.
  • The first Super Bowl touchdown for Max McGee…
  • Cowboys’ records are denied by Don Beebe.
  • A Super Bowl record is set by Jacoby Jones…
  • The Bills swarm Mark Ingram as he wriggles past them.
  • There was an excellent reception at the Super Bowl.
  • The Saints’ comeback is facilitated by ‘Ambush’.
  • What Is The Greatest Super Bowl Comeback Ever?

    It was the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history in Super Bowl LI (2017). Tom Brady’s New England Patriots were down 28-3 at halftime to the Atlanta Falcons. A 99 was given to each of them. Several statistics sites give the team a 5 percent chance of winning.

    Who Is The Best Super Bowl Player Of All Time?

    There has never been a better quarterback in NFL history than Brady. He has 581 passing touchdowns, which is the most in NFL history, and 79,204 passing yards, which is second. As the only player in NFL history to win seven championships, he has the most Super Bowl MVPs.

    What Was The Best Play In Football History?

    It has been voted the greatest play in NFL history, Franco Harris’ scoop of a deflecting pass and subsequent run for the winning touchdown in a 1972 playoff victory against Oakland – forever known as the “Immaculate Reception.”.

    What Are The Best Plays In Football?

  • This Jet Sweep tackle-over wing T is designed to fit over your head.
  • The Jet Sweep should be removed.
  • Jet Sweep is being waggle off.
  • Wing T should be avoided.
  • The Rocket Sweep.
  • The post-wheel is now in place.
  • The screen is slipping.
  • Spread out the 3*1 spread to the maximum.
  • What Are Football Plays Called?

    formation, followed by any motion or shifting, then the actual play call, which includes the pass protection and/or run scheme, the pass route(s), and the snap count, is the basic play call. It is not an absolute, but it is a common practice.

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