Tampa Bay Buccaneers at St. Louis Cardinals – Nov. 27 – is the largest comeback in NFL history. The Minnesota Vikings will play the Philadelphia Eagles on December 31. 1, 1985. The Miami Dolphins will play the New York Jets on Oct. 23, 2000. December 19, 2010 – Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants.

What’s The Largest 4th Quarter Comeback In Super Bowl History?

It was the largest comeback in Super Bowl history, as the Patriots came back from a 28-3 deficit to win. It was the comeback that would become NFL lore as the Falcons lost 28-3 to the Cowboys. As well as being the first overtime Super Bowl in history, it was also the only overtime Super Bowl to date.

What Is The Biggest Nfl Comeback In History?

A playoff game is considered to be the most important comeback in NFL history. Buffalo Bills quarterback Jeff Hostetter threw a pick-six in the third quarter of their 1993 playoff game against the Houston Texans, which led to a 35-3 deficit.

Who Holds The Record For Most 4th Quarter Comebacks?




Peyton Manning+



Tom Brady



Drew Brees



Ben Roethlisberger



What Was The Biggest Super Bowl Comeback Ever?

It was the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history in Super Bowl LI (2017). Tom Brady’s New England Patriots were down 28-3 at halftime to the Atlanta Falcons. A 99 was given to each of them. Several statistics sites give the team a 5 percent chance of winning.

What Is The Biggest Comeback In Nfl History?

The Buffalo Bills defeated the Houston Oilers 41-38 in overtime in a wild card playoff game in the American Football Conference (AFC) on January 3, 1993, which will forever be known as “The Comeback.”.

What Is The Greatest Comeback Of All Time?

  • The 10,000m final at the Olympics was won by Lasse Viren, who set a world record time.
  • Hampshire made 155 runs after bowling Yorkshire out for 15 and then batting again to win by 155 runs.
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  • The man who played Gary Player.
  • What Is The Largest Comeback In Football History?

    The Michigan State vs. Ohio State game will be shown on TV. The University of Chicago. The Spartans completed the biggest comeback in FBS history in October 2006, but they did so in just under 25 minutes of play.

    Who Has The Most Career 4th-quarter Comebacks?

    The fourth quarter comeback by Ben Roethlisberger is the fourth most in NFL history. The game can provide some benefits over time.

    What Is The Largest 4th-quarter Comeback In Nfl History?







    Who Has The Best 4th-quarter Qb Rating?

    The Best 4th-Quarter Quarterbacks in the NFL

    Performance Rank


    Overall Score


    Tony Romo



    Matt Ryan



    Tom Brady


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