With a record-breaking winning streak, the Los Angeles Lakers hold the record for the longest winning streak in NBA history. The 1971–72 season was one of the most successful in NBA history, with 33 straight wins and a 69–13 record.

What Is The Best Team Record In Nba History?

As of the end of the 2015–16 season, the Golden State Warriors had the best single regular season record. 73 wins and 9 losses were recorded by the Warriors, with a winning percentage of. The Bulls won the Eastern Conference and the NBA championship in 1995–96, but this was the highest number in NBA history.

What Was The Biggest Win In Nba History?

On Dec. It was the largest margin of victory in NBA history when the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Miami Heat 148-80 on December 17, 1991.

What Is The Longest Win Streak?




Beginning (first victory)

September 4, 1935


Philadelphia Phillies


End (first defeat)

September 28, 1935

What Teams Beat The 73 9 Warriors?

With a 125-104 victory over the Memphis Grizzles on April 13, the Warriors broke the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls’ record for the best regular season in NBA history. In addition to tying their franchise record for home wins, Golden State also set a franchise record for most wins in a season.

What Year Did Golden State Win 73 Games?

2015–16 Golden State Warriors season


Peter Guber Joe Lacob


Oracle Arena



73–9 (.890)

Who Is The Winningest Team In Nba History?

With 3,464 wins, the Boston Celtics are the most successful team in the NBA.

Has Any Team Went 82 0?

The NBA’s best teams suffered through a rough first week of the season on Monday night. It is inevitable that all three teams will lose games at some point. No NBA team has ever won 82 games in a row, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

What Is The Biggest Blowout In Nba Finals History?

The Bulls defeated the Jazz, 96-54, in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals, setting two NBA Finals records that still stand today. Chicago set the record for largest margin of victory with 42 points and the lowest point total allowed in a Finals game with 28.

What Is The Biggest Blowout In Basketball History?

The biggest blowout in NBA history is… It was the Charlotte Hornets’ 140-79 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies in the 2018-2019 NBA season that was the biggest blowout in NBA history. It is not possible to end a NBA game in a draw. It doesn’t matter how many overtimes the game goes into, a winner should emerge.

Did The Cavs Beat The Warriors 73 9?

In a reprise of last year’s NBA Finals, the Eastern Conference champion Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the defending NBA champion and Western Conference champion Golden State Warriors four games to three. As well as marking the first time since 1978 that a Game 7 has been won by the road team, it also marked the first time since 1978 that a Game 7 has been won by the road team.

Who Did The Warriors Lose To In The Finals?

The Golden State Warriors were eliminated from playoff contention for the first time in their five consecutive trips to the NBA Finals during a stretch that included three championships. The Los Angeles Clippers beat Golden State 131-107 Tuesday night to officially end the Warriors’ playoff run.

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