In contrast to a news story, a feature is a longer piece of writing. There are many types of features available, and they are widely used in magazines, newspapers, and online. A feature may cover an issue in greater depth than a news story would; or it may examine an ongoing story in a different way.

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What Is An Example Of A Feature Article?

In addition to news features, profiles, spot features, trend stories, and live-ins, feature stories can also include other elements. It is possible to find feature stories in the main news section of a newspaper, especially if they describe a person or group currently in the news.

What Is The Difference Between A News Article And A Feature Article?

You can get quick and dirty information about a topic by reading a news story. Reports the facts: who, what, where, when, why, and how. Moreover, a news story is written in a straightforward, concise manner. An article about a person, event, or place is called a feature article.

What Is The Main Purpose Of Feature Article?

Your target audience will be prompted, entertained, and informed by a feature article. An article that explores or discusses a particular topic is called a feature article. It differs from a newspaper article in that it demonstrates the writer’s opinion.

What Are 3 Features Of A Feature Article?

In order to write a successful feature article, you need a lead, a body, and a conclusion.

How Do You Write A Feature Story In A Newspaper?

  • You should choose a topic that is interesting and breaking news.
  • You can schedule an in-person interview at a convenient time.
  • Make your own quotes by choosing them.
  • Make your draft as good as possible.
  • Before publishing, ask for approval or clarification.
  • You need to move forward.
  • What Are 5 Features Of An Article?

  • Headline. The headline or title of the article should grab the reader’s attention quickly so that they will keep reading.
  • You can use the deck as a second chance to reach out to all your readers. It is also known as a subhead or standfirst.
  • In this introduction, we will introduce you to the world of…
  • … The body. It is the most fundamental part of our existence.
  • Conclusion.
  • How Do You Write A Feature Article?

  • You need evidence to tell a feature story. You need to do your research. Feature stories need more than straight facts and sensory details.
  • Your headline should grab the attention of the reader…
  • A little intrigue at the start.
  • The dots need to be connected….
  • The money should be repaid.
  • What’s The Difference Between Feature And Article?

    The feature is (label) one’s structure or make-up; form, shape, bodily proportions; article is a part or segment of something that is joined to another, or, in combination, forming a structured set.

    What Are The Major Differences Between A Hard News Report And A Feature Article?

    There are hard news stories that cover the events that are happening around us. There are many kinds of feature stories, either playing off that or revealing a lot about ourselves or our lives. Music, the arts, movies, food, entertainment of all kinds, and fashion are examples of feature types of writing.

    What Is The Difference Between Hard News And Feature Writing?

    Often, Hard News is written as punchy text, giving you all the facts and information upfront – who, what, where, why, when, and how. In a feature article or News Feature, readers will be able to read more about the context and background information of the ‘Hard News’ story.

    What Is A News Feature Article?

    An article in a feature section is what it sounds like. The purpose of a feature article is to provide more depth to a topic, people, or issue. It is written by an expert or journalist and provides background information on a topic as well as the author’s personal perspective.

    What Are Some Of The Purposes Of Feature Stories?

    In contrast to straight news, feature stories are intended to entertain and inform readers. They are neither objective nor truthful, but they do have good facts. In contrast to straight news, feature stories usually do not deal with time sensitive topics.

    What Are The Main Features Of An Article?

    Describe a current issue or topic of interest in a feature article. conventions for following narrators (e.g. The plot, complication, and conclusion are written in short paragraphs. Facts and opinions should be combined.

    What Is The Function Of Feature Writing?

    There are elements of news in features, but they are primarily used to humanize, to add colour, to educate, to entertain, and to illuminate. Major news that was reported in a previous cycle is often summarized in these reports.

    What Are The Key Features Of A Feature Article?

  • Identify a current issue or topic of importance.
  • conventions of the narrator (e.g., plot, complication, and conclusion).
  • The text is written in short paragraphs.
  • Facts and opinions should be combined.
  • The topic or issue should be presented in a different perspective.
  • The features (e.g., catchy) are included.
  • What Does A Feature Article Include?

    In a feature article, you tell a compelling story by weaving in facts and telling a narrative. The purpose of a feature article is to provide an in-depth look at a particular subject, current event, or location.

    What Are The Structures Of A Feature Article?

    The beginning, or introduction, should make up the first three lines of your story. In the middle, or the body. It is the end, or the conclusion of a story.

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