Thanks to the world around us becoming almost completely digitalised, a whole lot of brand new jobs have been created. For those of you that were never really interested in picking up a trade or going into other similar fields of work, the opportunity to work in Tech is likely a welcome relief. However, due to just how desirable a job in tech is, you can face a lot of competition. If you don’t have the right experience, then it is likely that you will be denied any chance to work in tech. One way to make yourself stand out is by gaining a tech certification. These can be done within your own time and they will make your CV stand out from others. Here are the 5 tech certifications opening doors into the tech industry.

CompTIA A+

This certification is often referred to as the minimum bar when it comes to working in tech. If you want to have a successful career in tech, then it is expected that you gain this certification. This certification covers entry-level knowledge of IT and is a great stepping stone in the world of IT. Once you have achieved this certification, you can then specialise in a certain area and progress from there.

Google Analytics Training

If you want to work in the more business side of tech, then it is recommended that you gain your Google Analytics certification. Google has a lot of measurement tools that can be used to track the success of certain sites and pinpoint what makes a site stand out. It is also largely data-based, so if are someone that is set on having a tech-business career, then this is certainly a certification you should look into getting.

Google IT Support Certification

As you can tell by the name, this was a certification that was developed by Google. This certification was created to help students gain a deeper understanding of the work required within an entry-level profession. There are a lot of jobs to be had in the world of IT and one of the most popular and well paying is customer support. This certification will go over all of the basics that you are required to know when looking into a career in IT support, as well as detailing important tasks like computer assembly.

CompTIA Security +

Online security is an essential part of keeping the online network safe. This certification will give you all of the skills that are required for you to be able to perform basic security checks online. To gain this certification, you do have to complete an exam, but this exam will be well worth it if you succeed. Once you have completed the first part of this security certification, you can choose to specialise in security and further your knowledge even more. More and more businesses require people with online security knowledge, so gaining this certification can really kickstart a career in tech.

Microsoft Fundamentals

If you want a tech career, you need to know the Microsoft fundamentals. When working in tech you are going to have to use Microsoft software throughout the day, and so you must know how it all works. You will be surprised to know that not a lot of people can use basic software like excel or word, which are fundamental to a career in tech. This certification will make sure that you are completely trained up and comfortable with using all of the basic software, which will make you stand out from other job applicants and improve the look of your CV.