Cabela’s Incorporated has announced it is one step closer to bringing a Cabela’s retail store to generations of outdoor enthusiasts in Missouri who grew up reading and buying from Cabela’s famous catalogs.

Cabela’s expects to open the huge Hazelwood retail showroom as early as late fall of 2006. The Hazelwood retail store would be Cabela’s first in Missouri.

The new retail store would be part of the St. Louis Mills, a 1.1 million square-foot retail and entertainment center located in Hazelwood. St. Louis Mills is situated at the northwest quadrant of State Highway 370 and Missouri Bottom Road, one mile west of Interstate 270, three miles west of Lambert International Airport, and just 16 miles from Downtown St. Louis. It is easily accessed via I-270, I-170 and Highway 370.

“I am excited to announce this new store location to the many thousands of loyal Cabela’s catalog and online customers in Missouri,” said Cabela’s CEO Dennis Highby. “Missouri has been a great market for Cabela’s for many years, and the combination of our new Cabela’s store with the surrounding dining, shopping and entertainment offerings at St. Louis Mills will create a premier shopping and tourist destination for our customers in St. Louis and the surrounding region.”

The Hazelwood Cabela’s store would be built in Cabela’s trademark style that evokes the feeling of the outdoors. Cabela’s stores are known as top-notch educational and entertainment attractions, mixing a decor of museum-quality animal displays with colorful dioramas, huge aquariums stocked with native fish and a centerpiece indoor mountain displaying trophy animals interacting in realistic re-creations of their natural habitats.

“Cabela’s will be a great addition to the St. Louis Mills and their decision to locate here is an indication of the vitality of Hazelwood as a tourist and shopping attraction,” said Hazelwood Mayor T.R. Carr.

To operate this new store, Cabela’s expects to employ as many as 300 people from the surrounding area. They will join the Cabela’s family of employees who are famous for delivering excellent customer service, living the outdoor lifestyle and possessing an intimate knowledge of outdoor gear. Product offerings would include hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, boating and wildlife watching gear, as well as outdoor clothing and outdoors-styled gifts and furnishings.

$4.1 Million in Tax Credits to Rehabilitate River Roads Shopping Center

JENNINGS, (, December 18, 2005 – The Missouri Department of Economic Development has approved up to $3,075,105 in Brownfield Redevelopment Program remediation tax credits and another $1 million over a two-year period of Brownfield Jobs and Investment benefits for business locating within the new development area at Halls Ferry Road and Jennings Station Road. The tax credits will help offset costs involved in the cleanup of asbestos, lead-based paint, and underground storage tanks at the site.

“The state is pleased to offer Brownfield incentives to help in remediation and job creation efforts that will return this part of Jennings back to the thriving community it once was,” Missouri Governor Blunt said. “By cleaning up and redeveloping underutilized or abandoned sites within our cities, we can help bring new investments into the local economy and increase the number of good job opportunities available for local residents.”

The River Roads Mall opened in the mid-1950s, making history as one of the nation’s first enclosed malls. According to the application, the mall thrived over the next three decades, but a demographic shift in the ’80s resulted in a slow demise of commerce and employment in the area. As a result, mall anchors and banks eventually closed, leaving only Food for Less and the Firestone Tire Store open at the site. Owner/developer Pyramid Construction Inc. plans to invest more than $31 million to redevelop the site into over 15 retail stores, a new city hall facility, a three-story 96-unit senior citizens development and more than 200 new single-family homes.

Missouri Gas Stations Take Steps to Prevent Tobacco Sales to Minors

ST. LOUIS, (, December 25, 2005 – Attorney General Jay Nixon has announced an agreement with one of the nation’s largest oil companies to discourage the sale of tobacco to minors.

Nixon said the agreement between 40 state Attorneys General and ConocoPhillips Co. would cover approximately 10,000 gas stations and convenience stores nationwide operating under the Conoco, 76 or Phillips 66 trademarks, including 900 stores in Missouri.

Of those 900 stores and stations in Missouri, 21 are directly owned by the company and the remaining 879 are independently owned businesses that have contracts with ConocoPhillips to operate under one of the company’s trademarks. Under the agreement with the Attorneys General, ConocoPhillips agreed to include provisions in these contracts expressly requiring compliance with legal prohibitions against tobacco sales to minors.

“Most smokers pick up the habit when they’re in their teens and cannot legally buy tobacco,” Nixon said. “Unfortunately, the corner convenience store has too often been an illegal point of purchase when clerks don’t ask for proof of age. This requirement in the ConocoPhillips contracts will be a powerful incentive for franchisees to stop underage tobacco sales.”

When franchising and trademark license agreements are renewed or new ones are entered into, ConocoPhillips will require franchisees and trademark licensees to report any underage tobacco sales infractions that occur, through law enforcement “stings” or other means. Nixon said this reporting requirement, coupled with the awareness that violations can jeopardize the right to operate under company trademarks, should motivate independent operators to stop tobacco sales to minors.