Visitors to Historic Laclede’s Landing can enjoy a ride from the St. Louis Carriage Company, stationed outside the Old Spaghetti Factory, located at 727 N. First Street.

Laclede’s Landing – In 1763, a French fur trapper named Pierre Laclede, along with Auguste Chouteau, set out from New Orleans to explore the Illinois Country to establish a trading post. In 1764, he chose the west bank of the Mississippi River, north of the River des Peres and south of the Missouri River. In 1784, the site was cleared and temporary cabins were built. Laclede named the settlement St. Louis in honor of the patron saint of the king of France.

The village of St. Louis contained three streets: La Grande Rue, now First Street; Rue d’Eglise, now Second Street; and Rue des Granges, now Third Street. Soon the village became the center of commerce with furs as the main source of exchange for goods.

Today, Laclede’s Landing, a nine-block industrial area that once housed companies producing coffee, leather goods, mattresses, tobacco, whiskey, candy, and machinery for the barges, features some of the most unique restaurants and sidewalks cafes in Saint Louis. Visitors to Laclede’s Landing can experience the charm of cobblestone streets and century-old brick and cast-iron facade buildings as they browse through specialty gift shops.

During the day, the historical district is also home to people who work at the many offices located on the edge of the Mississippi River. At night, horse-drawn carriages and live music add to the atmosphere of one of the premier entertainment.

nt areas in St. Louis. Nearby, sightseeing excursions and gaming boats offer additional choices for entertainment.

Directions: Laclede’s Landing is located between I-70 and the Mississippi River and tucked comfortably between the landmark Eads Bridge and the Dr. Martin Luther King Bridge, just north of the Gateway Arch, and east of the America’s Center & Edward Jones Dome.