In general, the Guardian’s readers are on the left of British political opinion, and the term “Guardian reader” is often used to describe those who are liberal, left-wing, or “politically correct”.

Who Controls The Guardian Newspaper?

The Guardian and The Observer are two of the media operations owned by Guardian Media Group plc (GMG). Guardian Group is wholly owned by the Scott Trust Limited, which has been protecting The Guardian’s financial and editorial independence since its inception.

Which Uk Newspapers Are Left Wing?

  • The New Statesman is an independent magazine that covers politics and culture.
  • This is a song from the New Communist Party of Britain called The New Worker.
  • Sunday edition of The Observer is a mainstream left-wing newspaper.
  • In England and Wales, the Socialist Party is the party of the left.
  • A socialist worker is a member of the Socialist Workers Party.
  • How And Why Is The Guardian Ownership Different From Other Newspapers?

    As I knew, the Guardian was unique in that it was owned by the Scott Trust, not another newspaper. It is not uncommon for Guardian journalists to spend time, money, and risk their lives to produce and run their stories, but they know they will be supported.

    Which Uk Newspapers Are Left And Right-wing?


    Days of publication

    Political orientation

    Daily Express



    Sunday Express


    The Sun


    The Sun on Sunday


    Is The Daily Mail Left Or Right-wing?

    In its editorial stance, the Mail is traditionally a supporter of the Conservative Party, as it is a right-wing tabloid.

    What Is The Most Reliable Newspaper In Uk?

    There are two papers that are considered to be the most reputable: The Times and The Guardian. Both of them conduct thorough investigations and report on their findings.

    Is The Morning Star Left Wing?

    A left-wing British newspaper with a socialist slant, The Morning Star focuses on social, political, and trade union issues. It is the largest and longest-running socialist newspaper in the country.