Titles of larger works, such as books, periodicals, databases, and Web sites, can be italicized. If the title of a large work is quotation-marked, such as an article, an essay, a chapter, a poem, a Web page, a song, or a speech, use quotation marks.

Are Newspaper Titles Italicized?

Publications. All forms of media. The title of a book, journal, play, newspaper, or freestanding publication is italicized when it is cited in a text or bibliography. The use of hyphenated words, capitalization, and punctuation should always be maintained.

How Do You Mention A Newspaper Article In An Essay?

  • For example, “Tiger Woman on Wall Street” should be in quotation marks.
  • Make sure all major words are capitalized.
  • Do You Italicize The Name Of A Newspaper In An Essay?

    Titles of works published as stand-alone works (e.g. It is recommended that italicized words (e.g., books, journals, newspapers, albums, or movies) be used. It is important to italicize the title of a newspaper (e.g. The Washington Post, for example). It is also a good idea to italicize the title of a book (e.g. In Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, for example).

    Do You Quote Newspaper Titles?

    Most titles in newspapers are usually accompanied by quotation marks instead of italics. Generally, italicized works or collective works are italicized, whereas works that are part of a collective work are italicized and quotation marks are used.

    Can You Use Newspaper Articles In An Essay?

    The academic use of newspapers, tabloids, and other forms of similar media is not permitted. However, they are a primary source because they offer firsthand accounts of events and experiences that happened.

    How Do You Write An Article In An Essay?

    The source should be self-contained and independent in order to be italicized. It is italicized for titles of books, plays, films, periodicals, databases, and websites. The source should be listed in quotation marks if it is part of a larger work. There are quotation marks on articles, essays, chapters, poems, webpages, songs, and speeches.

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