£1. The result of this price move is that retailers will receive 38p for each copy sold, a pro rata increase of about 20p.

How Much Does The Mirror Newspaper Cost?

Daily Mail


Daily Express


Daily Mirror




Daily Star


How Much Does The Saturday Mirror Cost?

As of this weekend, the Daily Mirror will be 10p more expensive, priced at £1 for the Saturday edition, and 5p to 65p for the weekday edition, while it will cost 70p in Scotland.

Is The Daily Mirror A Conservative Newspaper?

A political loyalty. Since 1945, The Mirror has consistently supported the Labour Party.

How Much Is The Mirror Newspaper On A Sunday?

There is a 10p increase in cover price for Sunday MIrror and Sunday People. There is a 10p increase in cover price for Sunday MIrror and Sunday People.

Does The Sunday Mirror Have A Magazine?

Every weekend, the Sunday Mirror offers free access to Notebook magazine.

Can I Get The Mirror Newspaper Delivered?

Our goal is to make it easy for you to get the Daily Mirror, your favorite paper, during these challenging times. You’ll be able to receive your paper delivered directly to your letterbox for free for six weeks after you sign up.

Is The Sunday Mirror A Tabloid?

Front page on 9 March 2017


Daily newspaper


Reach plc


Alison Phillips


2 November 1903

Is The Sunday People Still In Print?

A British tabloid newspaper, The Sunday People is published every Sunday. Founded on 16 October 1881, The People is a nonprofit organization. The People was once owned by Odhams Press, but was acquired by the Mirror Group along with the Daily Herald in 1961, and is now published by Reach plc.

How Much Is The Daily Mirror 2021?

England, Wales, and Northern Ireland will see a price increase of 5p to 90p in the Daily Mirror Monday-Friday edition from Monday, 1 February 2021. Scotland will also see a price increase of 5p to 95p in the Daily Mirror Monday-Friday edition from Monday, 1 February

How Much Does A Newspaper Cost Today 2020?


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How Much Does The Newspaper Cost?

On weekdays, the paper is 65p and on weekends, it is $1. The Saturday edition is also available on Sunday (although it runs Monday through Saturday).

What Price Is The Daily Mirror On Saturday?

Saturday’s edition of the paper will cost £1 on Saturday 12 March, and weekday issues will cost 65p from Monday 14 March, an increase of 10p. Saturday’s edition of the newspaper will bring in 19 percent more profit for retailers. The price of a copy varies between 26p and 21p for weekday issues and between 26p and 21p for Saturday issues. A price range of 92p to 14p. Each copy costs 50p.

How Much Does The Times Newspaper Cost?

It has been decided by News UK, which owns The Times, that the Saturday edition will remain at £1 per copy. There is a Sunday Times for £2 and a New York Times for $50.

Is Daily Mirror Left Or Right Wing?

Daily. In 1945, the Daily Mirror published a front-page article supporting the Labour Party.

Who Reads The Daily Mirror?

Over 32 percent of the audience of The Daly Mirror watched it on a monthly basis. During the period April 2019 to March 2020, there were 9 million adults in the United Kingdom.

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