The cost of a newspaper subscription varies depending on the type of subscription, ranging from $8 to $30 per month or up to $360 per year on average. It is not uncommon for single copies to cost $1 or more at local gas stations and bookstores; however, the brand of the book may determine the price.

What Is The Cost Of A Daily Newspaper?

Newspapers cost a lot in different cities. Prices vary by 20 cents per unit, but the population standard deviation remains unchanged. According to a study, a daily newspaper costs $1 per day. 95 cents was the average cost of 23 checked newspapers.

How Much Does A Newspaper Cost Today 2020?


USD Value

Inflation Rate













How Much Is A Newspaper In The Philippines?

The English language is the main language of Broadsheet publishing in the Philippines. They mainly target middle- and upper-class readers and cost between 15 and twenty five pesos (US$0 to US$1). A dollar equals 27 cents. Each issue costs 45 cents (or 45 cents per issue).

How Much Is A Newspaper In South Africa?

Daily newspaper digital access

Basic subscription cost

Monthly cost

Sunday Times + The Times

R173.30 for 3 months


Daily Dispatch e-Edition

R180 for 3 months



R99 per month


Die Burger

R99 per month


Whats The Most Expensive Newspaper?

A piece of artwork by Joseph Hackmey called “Auroch and the Eagle” (“Zimbrulu and Vulturulu”) was purchased for 830 000 Euros in BUCHAREST, Romania. This newspaper copy is the most expensive in the world.

Why Is Newspaper Expensive?

Since advertisers were the ones who actually paid for newspapers, they had always been priced lower than they were produced. (A typical American newspaper before the internet made about 80 percent of its revenue from advertising, 20 percent from readers). The price point would make them more affordable.

How Much Do Daily Newspapers Cost?



Daily Mail


Daily Express


Daily Mirror




What Is The Average Cost Of A Newspaper Subscription?

U.S. households spend an average of $900 annually. You can subscribe to digital newspapers for $2 per month. A weekly wage of 31 pounds (£11) is available. A new report by the American Press Institute finds that the number of journalists in the United States is 64. Approximately how much is this?? You can pay $10 per month or $120 per year for a subscription. Digital newspapers have been on a downward trend since 2016, when they were estimated to cost $3 per day. A weekly wage of $11 per hour.

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