We believe that any day at the ballpark is a perfect day, but there have been just 23 perfect games in Major League Baseball history. It is impossible to score a run in a perfect game.

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How Many Perfect Games Have Been Pitched In The History Of Baseball?

According to current definitions, there have been 23 official perfect games in Major League Baseball over the 150 years since 1869 and 218,400 games played. There have never been more than one ace thrown by a pitcher.

Has There Ever Been A 27 Strikeout Baseball Game?

The right-handed pitcher batting and throwing. The most famous strike out of Necciai’s career took place in a nine-inning game on May 13, 1952 in the Class-D Appalachian League. The only pitcher to do so in a nine-inning, professional-league game was this year’s winner.

Has Anyone Thrown 2 Perfect Games?

The only two perfect games ever thrown by a major league player were by Jean Faut of the AAGPBL in 1951 and 1953, although no other major league player has ever done so. Dennis Martinez and Len Barker are the only catchers to have caught two perfect games.

Has There Ever Been A 27 Pitch Perfect Game?

The most perfect games usually involve suspense towards the end, but Len Barker seemed to cruise from there. The first to beat the second. The last 11 times he faced the Blue Jay, he struck out seven of them and never reached a three-ball count.

Who Threw The Only Perfect Game In Mlb History?

The New York Yankees’ Don Larsen pitched the only perfect game in World Series history on Oct. 8, 1956. The happiness I felt was so great. The New York Yankees won 2-0 over the Brooklyn Dodgers in Game 5 on Tuesday, and he says he felt like crying. In seven games, the Yankees win the World Series.

When Was The Last Perfect Game Pitched In Major League Baseball?

It was Félix Hernndez of the Seattle Mariners against the Tampa Bay Rays on August 15, 2012, that was the most recent perfect game in Major League Baseball. In a 1–0 victory, he struck out twelve batters in total and struck out the side twice.

Has There Ever Been An 81 Pitch Game?

Randall Ashley Harder (Mel Harder’s grandson) threw an incredible 81 pitch game on April 16, 2011. I only throw nine pitches aninningis, and I strike every time.

How Many Times Has A Perfect Game Been Pitched?

It has been accomplished 23 times in MLB history – 21 times since the modern era began in 1901, most recently by Félix Hernndez of the Seattle Mariners on August 15, 2012.

When Was The First Perfect Game Pitched?


Lee Richmond


June 12, 1880


Worcester Ruby Legs


Cleveland Blues


First perfect game in Major League history

Who Pitched The First Perfect Game In Baseball?

The last 14 years of Don Larsen’s big league career have been spent in the American League. Larsen, however, made his name in American sports history on Oct. 8, 1956, when he pitched the first perfect game in the playoffs.

What Is The Mlb Record For Most Strikeouts In A Game?

Notes. Tom Cheney of the Washington Senators struck out 21 Baltimore Orioles over 16 2/3 frames on Sept. 27 to set the overall record for most strikeouts in a game. The Washington Post won 2-1 on Dec. 12, 1962.

What Do You Call A 27 Strikeout Perfect Game?

It has been almost a year since. The following comments will be added to the comment list. Ron Necciai, a minor leaguer who threw a 27-strikeout no-hitter in 1952 (not a perfect game), would be called a “Necciai” (pronounced NETCH-eye).

What Is The Rarest Feat In Baseball?

A single fielder completing all three outs is the rarest type of triple play in baseball, and it is one of the most rare events in sports. There have only been 15 unassisted triple plays in MLB history, making it the most rare of all.

Has Any Pitcher Thrown Multiple Perfect Games?

The number of perfect games in Major League Baseball history is 23. Two perfect games were thrown in the same year in 1880 and 2010, and three perfect games were thrown in 2012.

Has There Ever Been Combined Perfect Game?

The possibility of several pitchers combining for a perfect game (which has happened 11 times in MLB no-hitters) is theoretically feasible, but none of the MLB perfect games have been thrown by more than one pitcher.

Which Pitcher Has The Most Perfect Games?

Perfect Game Pitch Counts

Jim Bunning


Charlie Robertson


David Cone


Addie Joss


Which Teams Have Thrown A Perfect Game?

  • The Chicago White Sox are a professional baseball team.
  • The New York Yankees (New York Highlanders) are a team from New York.
  • The Cleveland Guardians (Cleveland Bluebirds/Cleveland Naps/Cleveland Indians)
  • The Philadelphia Phillies (Philadelphia Quakers) play in the Philadelphia Phillies (Philadelphia Quakers)
  • The Oakland Athletics (Kansas City Athletics/Philadelphia Athletics, not the AA team) are a division of the Kansas City Athletics.
  • What Is The Lowest Pitch Count In A Perfect Game?

    Red Barrett (February 14, 1915 – July 28, 1990) was a Major League Baseball pitcher who played 11 seasons in the National League during his career. In addition to the Cincinnati Reds, Boston Braves, and St. Louis Cardinals, he played for the New York Yankees. The shortest complete game in history was pitched by him with 58 pitches.

    What Is The Highest Pitch Count Ever?

    A no-hitter was thrown by Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Edwin Jackson on June 25, 2010. Since 2005, this was the highest pitch count in an MLB game.

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