The 1995 and 2003 seasons saw Dell Curry and Kobe Bryant. Five-point plays are basically four-point plays with technical fouls (shot by a person who is legally obligated to foul).

Who Has The Most 4-point Plays In Nba History?

The league’s career leader in four-point plays during regular season and playoffs is Jamal Crawford, who has 55 and 60 in regular season and playoffs.

How Rare Is A 4-point Play?

History. Up until 1979, a 4-point play was impossible in the National Basketball Association. The 3-point line was introduced in 1979. The 3-point play was common, as players would sometimes foul on layups or jumpers and convert the free throw attempt, but the 4-point play was not very common.

Is There A 5 Point Play In The Nba?

Basketball can be scored 5 points. If a player makes a three-point shot after being fould, it is possible to score five points.

How Many 4 Point Plays Are In The Nba?



4PT Plays


Jamal Crawford



James Harden



J.J. Redick



Reggie Miller


Is There A 4 Points In Nba?

In basketball, a four-point shot (also called a four-pointer) is a shot made from a part of the court designated for a four-point shot, which is typically farther from the basket than a three-point shot.

Can You Score 4 Points In Basketball?

Basketball’s four-point play is the rare occurrence when an offensive player makes a three-point field goal while simultaneously being fould by a defensive player, resulting in a shooting foul and one free throw attempt, or a two-point field goal and is intentionally or recklessly foul.

Can You Score More Than 3 Points In Basketball?

It may be challenged and removed if it is unsourced. Basketball points are used to keep track of a team’s score. Field goals (two or three points) or free throws (one point) are the most common ways to accumulate points. Three points are scored by a player who makes a field goal from beyond the three-point line.

What Is A 5 Pointer?

A diamond’s weight is determined by its Carat (mass), which is equal to its weight. There are two milligrams in each gram, and each point is equal to 100. In other words, when one says a 5 points diamond -or ‘five pointers’ as we call it in the trade – one means a round brilliant diamond with a weight of 0. 05 Cts.

Who Has The Most 4-point Plays In A Game?



Wilt Chamberlain


Kobe Bryant



Wilt Chamberlain



David Thompson



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