There will be two (2) team timeouts after the end of the third period or at the conclusion of the second mandatory timeout of the fourth period. Teams are allowed two (2) timeouts in overtime periods. Teams are required to use two (2) timeouts in each period.

How Many Overtimes Have There Been In Nba History?






Indianapolis Olympians



Syracuse Nationals



Milwaukee Bucks



Rochester Royals

What’s The Most Amount Of Ot In Nba History?

It was the longest game in NBA history on January 6, 1951, when the Indianapolis Olympians and Rochester Royals played each other. In the longest basketball game ever played, the Olympians won 75-73 in the 6th overtime after 78 minutes of gameplay and a record 6 overtimes.

Did Shaq Have A 50 Point Playoff Game?

During an episode of TNT’s ‘Inside the NBA,’ Ernie Johnson told Dominique Wilkins and Charles Barkley how many 50-point playoff games they played in their careers, both of which were satisfied with their numbers. Shaq was surprised to learn that he had no 50-piece matches when the host asked him how many he had.

How Many 50 Point Playoff Games Does Wilt Chamberlain Have?

Michael Jordan scored 50 or more points eight times, Wilt Chamberlain four times, Allen Iverson three times, Jerry West twice, Donovan Mitchell twice, Jamal Murray twice, and Damian Lillard twice.

Who Has The Most 3 Pointers In Playoff History?

The most 3s made in the playoffs have been made by Stephen Curry, arguably the greatest shooter in NBA history. He has 470 in 112 games, which is the most of any player. In second place is LeBron James, followed by Ray Allen, who has 385 3-pointers, and Klay Thompson, who has 374, followed by Curry’s teammate.

Who Has The Highest Playoff Ppg?





Michael Jordan*



Allen Iverson*



Kevin Durant



Jerry West*


How Often Do Nba Games Go To Ot?

The NBA plays 1,230 games per season. As I expected, the number of overtime games would vary widely by season, since OT feels like something you can’t predict. However, if you look at the chart below, there have been between six and eight overtime games. 2% to 6. Over the past three seasons, NBA games have accounted for 4% of total revenue.

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How Many Overtimes Can You Have In The Nba?

There have been six overtime periods in NBA games in order to determine a winner. The coaches and organizers of exhibition games (non-competitive play) are responsible for deciding whether overtime should be played, especially if the game is not a tournament.

Has Shaq Had A 50-point Playoff Game?

Big Diesel was one of the most dominant players in the NBA, even though Shaq had no 50-point playoff games. In his playoff career, Shaq has won 24 playoff games and is a three-time Finals MVP. There are three PPGs and eleven P.G.s. I played six RPGs on 56 games. The field is firing 3 percent.

How Many 50+ Point Games Has Shaq Had?


# Times

Dwyane Wade


Klay Thompson


Shaquille O’Neal


Gilbert Arenas


Who Has The Most 50-point Games In The Nba Playoffs?

With 8 playoff games, Michael Jordan scored 50+ points.

What Was Shaq’s Highest Point Game?

The Lakers dismantled the Clippers 123-103 behind 61 points from O’Neal (on 24-for-35 shooting and 13-for-22 from the free throw line), 23 rebound assists, and three assists.

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