We can report errors in our coverage by emailing [email protected] You can reach us at 844-NYTNEWS (844-698-6397).

How Do I Email The Times Newspaper?

  • Please dial the following numbers if you are in the UK:…
  • To subscribe to corporate sales at The Times, please email [email protected]
  • Please contact [email protected] for technical questions.
  • To contact customer services, email [email protected]
  • [email protected] is the Times newspaper archive.
  • [email protected] is the legal archive of The Times.
  • [email protected] is the email address for the Crossword Club.
  • What Is The Email Address For The Times?

    Postal address

    1 London Bridge Place London SE1 9GF


    +44 20 7782 5000

    Official website


    Main email

    [email protected]

    Personal email

    [email protected]

    How Do I Write A Letter To The Times?

  • The New York Times welcomes letters to the editor at [email protected]
  • If you would like to send an email to nytimes.com, please use the [email protected] address.
  • How Do I Get In Touch With Newspapers?

    You can find contact information for newspapers and TV stations by searching the name of the media outlet online. You can also find the organization’s website by searching for “About Us” or “Contact”. Tips on stories can be emailed or phoned to most news organizations.

    How Do I Submit An Article To The Times?

    You can reach the Times editorial board by e-mail at [email protected] com. You can reach Op-Docs by e-mail. You can reach us at [email protected] com. If you believe that a factual error has been made in an Opinion article or editorial, you can write to [email protected] com.

    What Is The Sunday Times Email Address?

    You may write to The Sunday Times, 1 Pennington Street, London E98 1ST or send an e-mail to [email protected] You can contact us by fax at 020-7782-5454 in the UK.

    How Do I Delete Articles In The Times?

    You can remove all articles from your article history by clicking on the “Delete all articles” button on the bottom-right of the page. The Dashboard can be hidden by clicking on the “Hide” button on the bottom-right of your screen if you wish.

    How Do I Get Free Media Exposure?

  • You can follow journalists who write for your preferred media outlets online by following hashtags.
  • 2) Be part of a community.
  • 3) Be charitable.
  • You should be Facebook-wise in order to succeed…
  • The pitch must be perfect.
  • The sixth point is to be aware of your audience.
  • 7) Be honest…
  • The eighth point is to be calm.
  • How Do You Get In The Newspaper?

  • Press Releases are Important. Write Yours…
  • You can find local media outlets by searching online.
  • Make sure you have the right media contacts.
  • You can craft your email query (aka pitch) by following these steps…
  • You can send your pitch email and follow up with it.
  • Respond to journalists…
  • Establish a relationship with journalists.
  • Watch how do i contact the times newspaper Video