JPost, which was founded in 1932, is Israel’s most widely read and well-known news site.

What Type Of Paper Is Haaretz?


Daily newspaper




Schocken Family (75%) Leonid Nevzlin (25%)


Amos Schocken, M. DuMont Schauberg


Aluf Benn

What Is The Largest Newspaper In Israel?

The Hebrew-language newspaper Ha*aretz (Hebrew: “The Land”) is published in Tel Aviv and is generally considered to be the country’s finest.

Is Israel A Country?

Israel’s history and culture. Located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, Israel is the only Jewish nation in the world. Despite its strong economy, the country has a number of religious landmarks and strained relations with many of its neighbors in the Arab world.

When Was Haaretz Established?

Haaretz / First issue date 1918

Does Palestine Have A State?

The State of Palestine (Arabic: *, romanized: Filas*n), officially recognized by the United Nations and other international organizations, is a de jure state in Western Europe.

How Many Newspapers Are There In Israel?

There are currently only three religious-oriented newspapers available today: Hatsofeh, Hamodia, and Yated Ne’eman. There are several hundred local papers in Israel, most of which appear on Fridays. Moses and Shocken conglomerates own many of them.

What Was The First Hebrew Newspaper?

HaZvi was first published on October 24, 1884, according to its website. Initially, it was a weekly paper, but it grew into a daily publication. A total of 1,200 copies of the paper were sold in Jerusalem in 1909, and 500 were distributed.

Who Is The Publisher Of The Times Of Israel?


Online newspaper


Who Publishes Israel Hayom?

Israel Hayom / PublishersMiriam Adelson

Who Owns The Times Of Israel?

In February 2012, the Times of Israel was launched. David Horovitz, a journalist and founder of The David Project, and Seth Klarman, a billionaire and founder of the Baupost Group, are its co-founders. Klarman is the chairman of the website.

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