Students at San Jose State receive the Spartan Daily three days a week, in addition to other publications in the community. Campus news, sports, arts and entertainment, tech, and opinions about the campus and its students are covered in the magazine.

What Is Sjsu News?

Here at San José State University, we have launched a new online home for our student news media outlets. Student journalists cover all aspects of the university, from breaking news to in-depth sports coverage, and even Spanish news coverage.

Is Sjsu A Party School?

There is no party school at San Jose State because it is a commuter school.

Is Sjsu Prestigious?

Research productivity is strongly correlated with these rankings, so this is one reason. Ground-breaking research helped develop the reputation of top universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, etc. The focus of San José State University is on teaching, not research.

Is Sjsu A Respected School?

There is a general reputation for the school and its faculty is well respected. Because of this, SJSU is known as a non-fancy university with good academic rigor.

Is Sjsu A Bad School?

Compared to more famous neighbors like Stanford and Berkeley, San Jose State is a decent school. Silicon Valley is its main advantage /disadvantage. This will result in less attention being paid to important arts majors, while more attention will be given to technical/engineering graduates.

Is C Failing Sjsu?

Graduate students are graded on a letter grade of ‘C’ or better. If a class has a grade of ‘C-‘ or lower, it is failing. The cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is the GPA you will receive for all your classes at San Jose State.

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