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St. Louis Front Page presents St. Louis CitySide, an overview of the City Government of Saint Louis. From time to time, we will take an indepth look at many of the projects in which the city is involved and how these projects will affect residents and visitors.

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Potholes Become Priority after Snowmageddon
The City Streets Department is turning its focus from snow plowing to pothole patching following the "Snowmageddon" event last Sunday and a 45-degree swing in temperatures on Friday which has caused the street pavement to crack, creating numerous potholes as seen in the 5600 block of Arsenal Street across from Tower Grove Park.
Potholes Become Priority after "Snowmageddon" Last Sunday
ST. LOUIS, MO (, January 12, 2014 - Thick, heavy snow followed by a 45-degree swing in temperatures has caused the street pavement to crack, creating many potholes, some of them huge. So, the City Streets Department is turning its focus from snow plowing to pothole patching.

The patching material holds better and longer if it is applied when the pavement is dry. So, the Streets Department began this operation Sunday morning. A team of St. Louis Streets workers is going to drive all of the City's arterial streets and patch the potholes they see.

After that, they will turn their attention to potholes reported to the Citizens Service Bureau. We encourage City residents to report potholes to the Citizens' Service Bureau by calling 314-622-4800, tweeting to @stlcsb, or filling out a request for service online.

The goal is to patch the potholes on the arterials by rush hour on Monday. The Streets Department has also set a goal of patching potholes reported to the CSB within 48 hours of getting a request.

Patching potholes addresses the problem quickly to protect motorists from damage to their cars. But, these pothole patches are a temporary solution. Some of them will not hold until Spring, others could pop out even sooner.

St. Louis City to Plow Side Streets
In a press conference held Thursday afternoon, outside the Soldiers' Memorial Military Museum, St. Louis Mayor Slay addressed the concerns of residents dealing with unplowed side streets. Behind the Mayor: (L - R) St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dodson; St. Louis Communications Director Maggie Crane; St. Louis Streets Department Director Todd Waelterman; and St. Louis Fire Chief Dennis Jenkersen.

Maggie Crane St. Louis Communications Director
St. Louis Communications Director Maggie Crane said that the city wants to hear from residents regarding setting policy for future snow removal.
St. Louis Mayor Francis G. Slay Has Directed Streets Department to Plow Side Streets
by Bob Moore,
ST. LOUIS, MO (, January 9, 2014 - In response to residents taking to social media to express their outrage dealing with unplowed side streets, St. Louis Mayor Francis G. Slay has issued instructions for Streets Department to begin plowing the side streets.

In a press conference held Thursday afternoon, outside the Soldiers' Memorial Military Museum, Mayor Slay addressed the concerns of residents dealing with unplowed side streets following a major winter storm on Sunday that left many parts of the area buried in more than 10 inches of snow.

"I want to thank the hard working and dedicated team in the Streets Department," stated Mayor Slay. "They've done a good job on the Snow Routes, and our change in policy is no reflection on them. They deserve our thanks for a job well done.

Our men and women did a good job with the Snow Routes. But, when you take into account the side streets, I am not happy with the results - and I know many of you are not happy.

As long as anyone can remember, the City has not plowed side streets. It hasn't even salted them. Because the City gets so few major snow storms and because cars used to be heavier, that policy has historically been adequate.

But, it did not serve us well this time.

A lot of you have smaller, more energy efficient cars that are too light to get through a foot of snow. Too many people are stuck. Too many people cannot get off of their street. They are angry, and I hear them.

We are in the service business. When people tell us we are not doing a good job, we have to listen. And, we have.

So, at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon, I instructed the Streets Department to begin plowing the side streets.

There is a tradeoff here. The streets will be cleared. But, the plows will create snow banks. So, be ready to shovel yourself in or out of your parking space or driveway.

This is the first time that anyone can remember that the City will plow side streets. So, we expect some people are going to be really happy, and some people really unhappy," stated Mayor Slay.

Mayor Slay noted that his street has not been plowed. "I can tell you that I was out myself helping people get out of the snow. I have driven all over the city and saw the conditions. I understand the problem."

Street Department Director Todd Waelterman said that the crews would be dispatched according to the 90 sweeper routes designated in the city. He said crews will be working twelve hour shifts and hope to be finished by rush hour tomorrow morning.

When asked how much this snow removal is going to cost the city, Mayor Slay responded that he didn't know.

"Frankly, I don't care," stated Slay. "This is a wide-spread issue. It's a problem. We are going to make it work. We'll get it done and figure out all that other stuff later."

Maggie Crane, St. Louis Communications Director, stated that the city wants to hear from residents regarding setting policy for future snow removal.

"This is the first step in our data gathering. This is an historic event," stated Crane. "We have never gone this route before. Either way, we want to hear from you. Your feedback will inform and instruct us as we develop a new policy on plowing side streets."

"We encourage city residents to go to the city's official web site and tell us your opinion. You will first be asked to enter and verify your address, followed by a screen to enter your detailed comments, lastly the option to leave your contact information (if you wish to do so).

I am in favor of the City plowing residential side-streets
I am against the City plowing residential side-streets

Residents can also send a tweet to #stlstreets for St. Louis Street Department or #stlcsb for St. Louis Citizens Bureau. Residents can also call the Citizens Bureau 315-622-4800, but should allow at least a day for feedback on requests," stated Crane.

How Cold Is It Going to Be After Weekend Snow Storm
St. Louis is forecast to drop to -9 degrees Monday morning, with a high temperature of -2 degrees, near the coldest high temperature of -5 degrees recorded in St. Louis on Dec. 4, 1983. (Graphic courtesy See related story: Historic Cold Forecast for St. Louis Region Next Week
Extreme Cold Temperatures Alert Issued for St. Louis
ST. LOUIS, MO (, January 3, 2014 - The City of St. Louis Department of Health is urging residents to prepare for an extended period of extreme cold temperatures.

St. Louis is expecting severe cold weather beginning today and running through the weekend. Temperature highs will reach the upper 20s with lows falling to below zero.

Extreme low temperatures can be dangerous to people, and residents should avoid exposure to low temperatures for extended periods of time, especially at-risk populations, such as the elderly, those with functional needs, people with pre-existing health conditions, and small children.

The Health Department is advising residents to remember the following tips to staying safe in extreme cold temperatures:

  • Dress in layers, both inside and outside
  • Wear a hat and gloves, and try to have as little exposed skin as possible
  • Know the signs of hypothermia and frostbite
  • Use caution when walking outdoors to avoid slipping on snow and ice
  • Keep homes at a minimum of 60 degrees
  • Avoid using alternative heating sources because of risk of fire and carbon monoxide
  • Be sure to check on elderly neighbors, or anyone else you know who may be in need of assistance
Heat-Up St. Louis is helping area seniors and the disabled with their winter heating bills, they and qualified area low-income households should call 314-241-7668, or log onto

For information on warming sites, you can contact United Way Greater St. Louis Information Referral line at 1-800-427-4626 or dial 2-1-1.

If you think someone is in danger, call 9-1-1.

Failure to provide proper shelter and care for companion animals in extreme temperatures could be prosecuted as cruelty to animals. Through the "Free Straw for Warm Paws" program, Operation SPOT has made free straw available for pick up at the Animal Care and Control shelter between 8:00am-5:00pm seven days a week, located at 2801 Clark Ave., St. Louis, MO 63103. This straw can be used as bedding for dog houses and other companion animal shelters. Dog houses may be available upon request.

If an animal appears to be in distress or is unresponsive, please contact ACC immediately at 314-657-1500. If calling after hours, please call 911.

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